Purple Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Butterfly is a fascinating insect, having a deep spiritual meaning and full of lessons. Therefore, the symbolism of the butterfly arouses the curiosity of many people. Ever dreamed of butterflies? Have you seen many of them constantly?

Are you interested in the meaning of butterflies? Surely, that’s why you’re reading this article, right? The meaning of butterflies is associated with the interpretation that men make of these insects.

We cannot forget that the meaning of butterflies can change from one person to another, just by the simple association of personal and cultural experiences.

The different ethnic groups and cultures, with which our planet is enriched, offer a totally different meaning for butterflies, in some cases these interpretations reach the contradiction.

What is true, and we can observe it daily, that butterflies are used as a decorative object for all kinds of elements.

There are thousands of jewels in which butterflies are the main element and … you tell me about tattoos, many young girls are tattooed a butterfly, in the most unsuspected places, why? It is clear that butterflies have a magnetic component that attracts us.

Purple Butterfly – Meaning

The purple color butterfly comes in a color that is the mixture of blue and red. The first embodies wisdom, the second love.

Until today it has always symbolically represented mystery, magic and metamorphosis. The color butterfly of spirituality is par excellence.

In crystal therapy the purple stones go to work on the sixth chakra, an energy channel positioned between the eyebrows known simply as the “third eye”.

Violet also represents the opposites that unite, justice and wealth. Purple fabrics were used by noble and intellectual people to differentiate themselves from others.

It was a powerful symbol of their status. It also symbolizes the aptitude to identify oneself with other people.

The purple color butterfly stimulates the intellect and makes creativity more alive. In color butterfly therapy, purple is used to calm nervous disorders and irritation.

It is also very useful for solving current problems, which have their roots in past traumas. By using purple you can connect with your most spiritual side.

Butterfly – Symbolism

On a purely physical and obvious level, butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation and change.

Although there are many other animals that undergo metamorphosis in their evolution, none has such a spectacular and striking change, like the one suffered by butterflies.

All people are looking to transform their reality, they want more money, more knowledge, be physically better, all these changes demand a transformation of our way of thinking or understanding our reality … we have to do like the butterflies, a metamorphosis.

In all cultures the meaning of butterflies, in a totally spiritual plane, is associated with the soul, the spirit that leaves the body when the end of our days arrives. But this association has to do with the belief in reincarnation, rebirth, the need to believe that we are not only matter, but also spirit and that when a person dies, their essence lives on.

In other cultures, it is thought that butterflies can travel between the world of the living and the dead. This interpretation is fueled by its light and slow way of flying.

Other countries and other cultures, like in Ireland, very influenced by their Celtic origins, white butterflies are associated with the soul of dead children. White is a symbol of innocence and purity, which is why it was forbidden to kill white butterflies.

Butterfly Tattoo – Meaning

Although the butterflies have several meanings according to the cultures, there are no references to the fact that no one uses the tattoos of butterflies in a ritual way. If we can find different references to butterflies, and what could mean the tattoo of a butterfly, according to each of these cultures.

For example, in Japan tattooing a butterfly would have connotations of fertility and youth, and interestingly, tattooing two butterflies, would represent conjugal happiness. As in other cultures, the Aztec, thought that the souls could have to do with souls and spirituality, but the butterflies were reserved for the warriors killed in battle and mothers in childbirth, the two noblest forms of abandon our world, according to its culture.

Butterfly in Dreams – Meaning

The oneiric interpretation is not exempt from certain controversy. We all dream daily, even having a more or less correct interpretation of those dreams how many are fulfilled? Or more, to what extent can we trust that the signals received from a dream serve as orientation?

In my opinion, living obsessed with interpreting our dreams, looking for solutions to what happens to us on a daily basis, is a way of evading reality and avoiding facing problems. As a curiosity, I do not say that the interpretation of dreams is not exciting, but … interpretations are just that, possibilities, realities

Within these interpretations, the appearance of a butterfly in our dreams is usually understood as joy, prosperity and the achievement of achievements. Other visits could be on arrival, if in the dream the butterflies flutter above our head. But this visit will be that of a friend, who was absent.

The interpretations can be of the most varied. Some say that if you dream of butterflies, it is that you are acting carelessly in an area of ​​your family, work or emotional life, and that dreaming of butterflies catches your attention so you can change your attitude.

If you are a young girl and you dream of butterflies – The youth … that divine treasure. When we are young we all look for a partner, we need to feel the affection and we also have a deep need to relate, have a partner, form a bond with another person. It is not uncommon for a young girl to seek that true and happy love. Dream that the butterflies fly around you augur that that love may be coming, that you will find that couple that will make you happy.

You dream of butterflies, but do not you have good feelings – Butterflies are usually associated with changes, usually positive changes, but not always. When in a dream you see that butterflies are flying around you, but your sensations are not positive, you feel the inner weight of guilt or you are restless, it is something you are not doing correctly. It is a warning that you should “change” (butterflies = change), some aspect of your life that you do not feel especially happy with.

The problems to which the dream refers you can be of all kinds, family, friendship, work or couple. There are scholars of dreams that further qualify this type of dreams, and if the butterflies that you see in your dreams are white, your mistake has been due to ignorance, it has not been intentional, but it must be amended.

On the contrary, it would be to dream of yellow butterflies, in this case you knew that what you were doing was not correct and you feel sorry, you must amend your mistake. When the butterflies are red in the dream, the conflicts you have caused have their origin in your impulsive way of acting. They do not justify you, but you know where the source of your problems lies.

Dreaming of butterflies of many colors and sizes that fly around you is associated with the joy and happiness of the moment you go through. This dream can have negative connotations, if your happiness comes from the material things you have. In this case you are a frivolous person and your happiness will be momentary, not long lasting.

But if you have no reason to feel sad, because you do not lack anything, you constantly get what you want, maybe what they are showing you that, despite having everything to be happy, you do not get it because of your attachment to everything material .the meaning of butterflies, dream of colorful butterflies

For a true butterfly lover, the only valid way to capture a butterfly is in a photograph (photographs of butterflies), but not to keep it. Dreaming of locked butterflies is a clear sign that you feel trapped. They are not letting you act naturally, you are pressured by your environment to make decisions against your true nature. You must decide, if you let yourself “catch” or on the contrary, fight so that nobody dominates you.

Color Purple – Meaning and Symbolism

In chromo therapy practices, purple is used when there is a need to promote the production of white blood cells, to stimulate the spleen. It seems to be able to fight also kidney and bladder disorders.

It is useful against psoriasis, acne, sciatica and neuralgia. It purifies the blood and stimulates cerebral microcirculation (counteracts baldness).

It also moderates the appetite. It is linked to the pituitary gland and the central nervous system.

In feng shui, purple should not be used on walls because it transmits strong vibrations. It is fine for decorative elements to be included in the study, in the reading or meditation room. It therefore favors creativity and communication, as well as the intellect and the desire to open up to new discoveries. In meditation the purple promotes the emptying of the mind from too many thoughts.

Purple stones have some features in common. These are minerals with a strong liberating and purifying action. They stimulate the mind and the motor nerves. They stimulate the respiratory processes favoring the assimilation of oxygen.

On an emotional level it is possible to get out of sadness. Placing a purple mineral on the third eye helps to explore your memories in search of those traumas that prevent you from moving forward in your life. Using purple stones helps one to become more empathetic, to identify oneself with others. It has a protective action against external influences.

Violet stones favor freedom of thought. In crystal therapy the violet stone allows, during an energetic rebalancing with minerals, to break down those subtle structures created by us, society, friends, relatives … but which prevent us from following our true nature. Wearing these crystals infuses calm and harmony.

Using the energy of the purple color, one comes into contact with our spiritual part and with our higher self. Thanks to its influence and closeness, an increase in creativity and inspiration is achieved.

Even in antiquity it took on very strong connotations linked to the world of the immaterial. For example the symbolism of the violet was based very much on the representation of the passage between life, death and life. It is considered the color of exorcists and magicians.

Depending on the shade of purple, symbolism and meaning may vary. When it has light tones, it represents sensuality. When it is darker, spirituality. Purple stones are excellent during meditation.

They help clear your mind of thoughts, reaching a clearer vision of who you really are. This color is related to the seventh chakra.