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Raccoon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The boreal raccoon (Procyon lotor) is the largest of the three species of raccoons, all of them originally from America and with the characteristic dark spot as glasses or mask. Its name comes from Nahuatl (mapach), and means “that has hands”.

The other names that this popular animal receives in other regions also refer to the ability with which they hold objects with their claws or their habit of washing food (“lotor” means lavador in Latin). It is native to North America, but was introduced to other continents, where it has adapted without difficulty and becomes even an invasive species to eradicate.

They are omnivorous and nocturnal, and in urban environments they have learned to use human waste to feed themselves, using their hands particularly able to open garbage containers and other containers.

It has adapted so well to the urban environment that it is one of the few species that have grown in size thanks to the extension of human populations. That’s why its weight varies between 5 and 15 kg depending on its habitat.

They have been hunted and bred for the manufacture of coats and for the consumption of their meat. They are famous for their intelligence, and that is reflected in the legends of the American aborigines, who also usually represented them in ornaments.

Raccoon – Symbolism

Many times we have seen that different animals have been presented in our dreams, but today we will talk about a specific case that is to dream about raccoons.

We know the raccoon as that pretty-looking animal, which seems to wear a mask all the time, but which is of unpleasant presence. It is always considered for a role of thief and a good ability to cheat. We can dream of many animals and decipher very quickly what our subconscious tries to tell us, but in the case of the raccoon we have this question that we cannot get away easily.

But from these first impressions of the raccoons it is easy to decipher our dream with this peculiar animal. It has both good and bad interpretations, depending on the situation in which the dream develops.

Our subconscious is always looking for ways to give us information that we are not overlooking, and dreams are always a good mechanism for that. In this case perhaps it is likely to indicate that we should take care of our belongings of friends of others, or perhaps we are only judging someone wrong for their cover.

What it means to dream about raccoons in many cases this indicates a situation of alertness, of being cautious before the new people that enter our lives. We must have a certain level of distrust. As already mentioned, this animal usually brings around its eyes some kind of mask or mask stains that taking the metaphor to reality may indicate that there may be people who hide their identity.

It can also represent unresolved internal conflicts, issues that we try to hide from the rest but that may be consuming us. Mistrust can also be an important factor in this dream, perhaps the message refers to our taking care of our assets.

If you ever dream of raccoons, it may mean that you are thinking about a part of you that is not afraid to take what you want, even when it does not belong to you. You must also take care not to fall into paranoia, you can not only judge the raccoon by his mask and nocturnal activities.

In general it is not uncommon to associate dreaming with raccoons to betrayal, bad people, envy and tricks or tricks to harm us or take our property. But you have to know how to define the context and examine all the elements.

Remembering details in dreams is key to a good interpretation, in this case it is very general that when the raccoon appears in the dream it means bad omen. It indicates cheating, betrayal, theft. You must be attentive, not only with the people who may be coming to our lives, you cannot leave out the people you think you know.

Raccoon – Meaning

The raccoon, with its black face mask and its tail with black and white stripes, brings to mind several characters, a bandit, and a reveler during the carnival, or an actor from the old school. The raccoon has a little of all these characters, a mysterious master of hiding.

This night time hunter symbolizes our hidden characteristics, the dark part, which we sometimes do not know ourselves. It is perhaps the perfect symbol for that “alter ego” (Latin expression that means “another me”).

The English word for raccoon is “raccoon”, a term that comes directly from the language of the Indian tribe of the Algonkinos, and which means the who scratches with his claws. The raccoon inhabits the entire length of the North American continent, from its northernmost part to the Mexican border. Like another well-known “cheat,” that is coyote. Raccoons are comfortable around people, since their natural habitat is now turned into cities and suburbs.

Raccoons often go out to look for food in family groups, hanging around to find food. Thy mostly eat vegetables and fruit but sometimes they eat other smaller animals as well. Before eating food, the raccoon has the habit of washing them in water. This interesting habit may be because they love hygiene or an atavistic behavior of its past when it fed mainly on fish. Be that as it may, his hands are one of his most remarkable characteristics, with them they are capable of gifting and receiving.

Although they only move on the ground, raccoons like to climb trees, above all to escape from predators. Famous for their curiosity, raccoons often venture into the world of humans, and will retreat without fighting as long as they have a way out. If raccoon feels stuck, he can act with ferocity, and defend its survival with determination using its claws and sharp canine teeth.

This little “undercover robber” definitely is a skilled hunter (and a true omnivore), for whom the covers of garbage cans, even the doors.

Blue Bird – Spirit Animal

The raccoon stands for lightness and playfulness and it appears in your life to remind you of your inner child. When we come into the world, everything is one playground for us. There are no rules and limitations that we are aware of. We live our life by trying it out. We speak the truths unadorned, do not pretend.

The power animal Raccoon taps you on the shoulder to remind you what it feels like to be a small child. How it can be when you see the world through the eyes of innocence and how you behave unbiasedly towards others.

Re-experience the world through the eyes of a child and enjoy the little things in life as if you were discovering them for the first time. Because each of us carries an Inner Child with needs that need to be taken into account and maintained? Start listening to your inner voice. Be compliant with your wishes and feelings.

Follow your play instinct if you feel like it and spoil yourself with little things like good music, good food or something sweet. Pay attention to which things do you good and what your body desires. Your power animal the raccoon will help you to find more about yourself again.

The raccoon encourages them to be totally in tune with their world. Connect with your life plan and use it for your benefit. Both the inner mindfulness and the external attention are announced, but related to yourself. The raccoon represents our human ego. It is the personality self and this self has the task of asserting our life in the outer world.

The ego is, so to speak, this cell of humanity, which connects us to the earth, to nature, but also to humanity in general. If you look at humanity as a whole, as a creature – as a child of the earth, so to speak – the development of humanity currently equals a six-year-old child. Each ego independent of any human being, of its spiritual development corresponds to this six-year-old child. Our human ego needs a loving but clear guidance from our inner consciousness.

An ego is not a monster but a loveable part of our self. The encounter with the raccoon now clearly recommends you to look at your own ego adult and empathetic. Look at his games, try to understand his motivation, and if you do not like what you are seeing now, distraction will be a better option than an appeal to reason.

There is no way to get rid of this ego on the path of development. His guidance and guidance is part of our mission on earth. Besides, a beloved child is a wonderful leader in the outside world. You need the relationship to your ego so that you can exist and exist in the outer world.

Become a little more egotist again. Give your human world what you need. If you lovingly lead your own ego, it will not act like an elephant in a china shop.

Otherwise, it would seriously damage his social position. So, the raccoon does not encourage you to become a down-to-earth ego tramp, but to take on the task and to use your ego understanding and mindful as a bridge into your own inner world.

Raccoon – Totem

He always looks like he’s wearing a mask: the raccoon with its black and white face was already considered a mystical creature by the North American Indians. Power Animal Raccoon, painted, as a power animal, he was credited with the ability to walk between worlds and unify light and darkness in harmony.

But maybe we look at his way of life first to understand the animal well. He belongs to the bears, but the little bear. He is an omnivore, which characterizes him as a very adaptable journeyman, who likes to be active at dusk and can climb very skillfully.

Somehow, he also seems to be able to make himself invisible, because often you do not see him, but knows because of the feeding damage, that he must have been there. So a master of hiding and camouflage.

He is a very adaptable creature that has even made it to the cities and lives there as a cultural successor. He has in addition to his excellent sense of touch an excellent memory. But above all, he has this hypersensitive touch, like no other animal.

There is a unique gift in his hands to sense things. In the figurative sense, the power animal raccoon speaks to our gift of clairvoyance and strengthens us in it.

He likes to eat his food before he takes it, that is, as a power animal, he also stands for renewal and cleansing, let’s go of what is not good for him and cleans his food before incorporating it. As a power animal, it stands for following the path of one’s own intuition, which is very large for raccoon humans.

He can rely on his sense of smell, he perceives more than the eyes can see. So: Raccoon people have a good inner voice. With his colors black and white, he stands for the union of opposites, the male and the female, the good and the bad, the earthly and the spiritual.

Incidentally, he is also a very tricky hunter, who also succeeds with cunning and finds a suitable way out of even tricky situations.