Red Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

The red candle is linked to all those aspects that enhance and enhance the physical characteristics ~ material yearnings of men (virility, strength, Youth and authority).

The red candle protects against accidents, weapons and attacks from animals, helps to overcome surgical operations and possible poisonings.

Being related to blood, in addition to representing strength, it also symbolizes the struggle, the desire to live overcoming difficulties and initiating new projects. Your planet can not be other than Mars.

For people who are undecided, the ritual of the red candle can help them gain the necessary strength to start new projects, as well as boost their imagination and protect them in the journeys of possible accidents.

Red Candle – Symbolism

Color: red is the color of strength, blood and violence, and it is also a positive element because that well-channeled force and energy provide energy to continue with projects however difficult they may be. It is one of the basic colors and exerts its positive influence on manhood.

Day: Tuesday is the indicated day to perform the ritual of the red candle. It is a day of struggle after which the victory arrives, for that reason it is said to be the day of the soldiers and the missionaries.

Flower: the flower par excellence that establishes the most relationship with the red candle is the red carnation, for its strength, resistance and beauty. Time: the time of Tuesday to start the invocation is noon. When the maximum strength of the Sun is shown, although it is possible, it is better to wait until Tuesday at noon of the spring months: the help will arrive with more force and speed.

Metal: the hardest metal and that historically has represented force and violence is iron, the main component of the weapons used in the history of mankind.

But, in addition, the tools used in construction have also been made of iron, so their symbolism is dual, like that of the red candle.

Number: the number three is the one that corresponds to the symbolism in the celebration of this ritual, since it represents the trinity: soul, mind and body.

Perfume and incense: the perfume of carnation will be the one that the person who makes the invocation ritual will have to use to anoint his hands. This person will burn carnation incense during the ritual to cleanse the atmosphere and filled with positive energy.

Stone: the stone that best represents the red candle is garnet, a crystallized mineral that concentrates the force of nature to which aphrodisiac effects are also attributed.

Planet: Mars, the red planet, is what governs the ritual of the red candle. It represents the most material aspects of man, the confrontations he must overcome in order to continue on the path towards achieving the ends he has set.

Plant: the symbol of strength in plants is their ability to fight and survive. In this case, any plant whose stem or fruit has thorns, which is spicy or irritates those who touch it perfectly symbolizes the spirit of the red candle.

Health: the energy of the red candle covers the entire organism, although it is worth mentioning the protection it exerts on the sexual organs, excretory apparatus and head.

Astrological sign: Aries and Scorpio are the astrological signs that best lend their influence to red candle ceremonies.

The Aries are usually men with great force, although in their pure state they are somewhat crude. They can be good leaders, although lacking in diplomacy and tact.

The Scorpion are divers of their own being and their mission is to fight beyond their own limits.

Red Candle – Meaning

Many times we have several candles in our houses and we light them as if nothing, without knowing what each color indicates, what the flame is telling us through its height and movement, or what the resulting form expresses us after being consumed.

Through them we can know about our own situations or those of others; If things are good or not.

That is why I think that giving a few brushstrokes about everything they can tell us and what they can do for us can be interesting and practical in our day to day life.

Furthermore, through the candles, we move multiple energies that can benefit us.

According to the wax:

If it forms a mountain of tears on the sides we must observe its appearance, many times we can see a virgin or an angelic figure, in this case it implies a positive result. The wax forms pointed shapes on the sides, like spines means difficulties, that is, there are energies contrary to our interests.

In the bowl or base waxes are formed with bunches of grapes means that everything is going well, it is prosperity and health. If we see faces or drawings of animals in the bowl or base, we have little force, there is little visualization.

If in the bowl or base have been detached whole pieces of candle with moon shapes we have to look if the horns are on the left there are forces that help us and soon there will be an answer of what we ask. If instead the horns of the moon look to the right something prevents our request

If it remains outside the bowl or base we find pieces of wax we have to observe carefully the piece / s and we can guess if what has been detached suggests something positive or negative.

In works to fight evil, it is very positive to see if the detachment represents evil things, which tells us that we are breaking the evil.

On the other hand, in the normal, the meaning is contrary, if the wax represents the good it means that everything goes well, while if the rest detached seems to us ugly or unpleasant, something does not work or there are resistances.

Meaning of Candle Flame

Candle flame can tell us many secrets, and we should always keep our eyes open for the forms that appear and the appearance of the flame in general.

The following meanings of forms of the candle flame can be helpful:

  • It is high: good vibrations, there are forces that help us.
  • It is normal: it involves a slow process.
  • If it is too short, something goes wrong and there is a lack of energy.
  • Being tall is very positive.
  • Being very small is something negative
  • The sizzling flame is meaning that something is going wrong.
  • If the flame goes out without air flow we have to start the ninth again and rethink our objectives.
  • If it is bluish it is that the mind of the person we work with receives our message.
  • If we find the yellow flame means lack of energy.
  • When the flame shines and it is also red it brings immediate results.
  • If the flame is white, the superior beings come to the aid of the person / s.

According to the forms:

  • Numbers: With a number we must interpret a temporal meaning without knowing exactly days, months, year.
  • Crown: new affective encounters, work progress including recognition.
  • Heart: Experience of an unexpected romance but not for life.
  • House: Economic income.
  • Two semicircles: The plans will go out and with hard work and perseverance.
  • Claw or hook: Dangers, act of evil, injustice.
  • Hands or fingers: Help from a relative or be close.
  • Crown of rays: Professional success, progress.
  • Rhomboid: Good time in life and we must take advantage of those moments to strengthen the future.
  • Triangles: You have to be careful because there are obstacles.
  • Birds: Illusions that come, creative person has to do what he should because if you can not get to have health problems.
  • Snake: Beware of betrayals and comments from other people.
  • Paloma: There is improvement in the work.
  • Scepter: Important destination and very good job opportunities.
  • Man: Protection of a great friend.
  • Staff: Unexpected financial help.
  • Clock: Moment of making decisions.
  • Horse: Short trip or favorable business.
  • Trees: The projects begin to take root.
  • Apple: favorable occasion that should not be missed.
  • Dragon: Unfavorable moments, we have to wait a while and take them again.
  • Mouse: People who can take advantage of one, may even be the person to whom the candle is lit.
  • Table: Unclear work meeting in which you have to be careful.
  • Rooster: Betrayal around the corner, we must try not to travel at that time.
  • Padlock: The solution to labor problems is in another city.
  • Horn: Important trip or some purchase.
  • Eggs: Uncertain success and possible confrontation between two people.
  • Rays: Gossip around you.
  • Swords: Success will cost a lot.
  • Ax or scales: Legal problems.
  • Broom: You have to clean the aura and remove all the bad energies.
  • Snail or starfish: Riptide waters that if taken advantage of can benefit one.
  • Keys: the doors are open and it is time to take that opportunity.
  • Wheel: Bad time to progress.
  • Mortar: Insist on what you want to achieve.
  • Bow and arrow: You can fight for what you want.
  • Hammer: Time to secure those purposes that one is looking for.
  • Half Moon: Moment of sadness, melancholy and tears.
  • Sun: Total success in what you want to achieve as long as there is a good base.
  • Scythe: Imminent cut in projects.
  • Throne: Between friendships and at work you will be better valued.
  • Circle with points: insured success
  • Volcano: scandal in sexual and social relations. Watch out.


The candle represents the human being, the wax to the physical body, the wick to the mind and the flame to the spirit, for that reason through the observation of its evolution when it burns we can see and intuit the results.

Hopefully this article has helped you find the true meaning of red candle and what this powerful symbol is trying to tell you.