Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

Do your ears whistle? Well then someone is talking or thinking about us. But is it true? Is it just an ancient belif to silence and cover up a symptom that can have negative effects on our health or does it have anything true to its origin?? Or is it the fault of the superstitious who are the same ones who are afraid of black cats?

Let’s try to understand from where this legend comes from, which seems to have originated in Sicily.

Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning

Popular beliefs often focus on situations that seem seemingly of little importance, but which in reality hide particularly significant meanings and values.

A Sicilian belief wants that when a person hears a whistle in one ear, someone is talking about her. In practice, a physical reaction of the body is charged with a distinctive meaning and is interpreted as a sign that is able to indicate something of which we can be aware only through particular signs.

Belief wants that when we hear a slight whistle in the left ear, it means that someone is talking well about us.

On the contrary, when the whistle is heard in the right ear, it means that they are speaking ill of us.

But there is more. It is believed that one can also guess the person who is mentioning us. In this case we ask who is next to say what is the first number that comes to mind.

In my opinion the whistle we perceive, the hum and other symptoms are a consequence of a change of “frequency” that the earth with its electromagnetic field continues to change periodically.

Below you will find scientific explanations and not on the effect that vibrations and sound can have on humans, so you can draw your conclusions about why more and more people “accuse” these ringing in their ears.

Tinnitus is commonly referred to as a “ringing in the ears”. Tinnitus varies in perceptual characteristics, severity and impact on daily life. Tinnitus can take many different forms, such as buzzing or chirping and even pops.

It can occur a few times a month or many times in a single day; it can last a few moments or hours; it can even be constant, without relief even during sleep. For some people tinnitus has a pulsating or repetitive conformation.

It is commonly said that tinnitus has some very specific characteristics. First, tinnitus is a perception of sounds and therefore must be audible to the patient.

Secondly, it is involuntary, in the sense that it is not intentionally produced. Finally, it originates in the head.

In the external world there are no sounds, but only vibrations, which the brain perceives as sound sensations consistent with the physiological development of one or the other brain area

Since functional magnetic resonance imaging (RMf) allowed us to observe the brain as an interactive learning system, we have begun to understand that the brain is an active analyzer of audible frequencies and this means that not only does it receive vibrations from the external world, but that it actively produces sounds to try to distinguish similarities and differences from what has already been memorized by one’s mnemonic learning system.

Therefore the sound we hear is what is interactively generated by the selective and resonant activity between the brain and external vibrations. This interaction takes place within the framework of possible synchronizations with audible frequencies between 20 and 20.00 Hz (Cycles / sec). So the brain actively searches for vibrations and transforms them into sound sensations through a process of mnemonic recognition.

In the external world in fact there are no sounds but only vibrations that the brain means as sound sensations. In fact, we can see that as the child seeks the sonorities of the mother’s voice, the man in general tries to mean, among all the sonorities of the environment, those of the human voice, so that for example. He prefers the singing of a singer to instrumental music.

The right ringing ear means money will come to you, left means you will lose it. And I’ve also been taught that someone thinks of you when your nose itches. If the right ear itches, it means that someone with the itchy ear is unfriendly. If the left ear itches, it means that someone is nice to the person with an itchy ear. Itching is an allergy symptom.

Ear skin disease and itching suggest a lack of vitamins ‘D’. This vitamin can be supplemented in the body by 10 minutes in the sun with open face and hands. Science does not believe in the right ear when we can find a lot of money. This is just superstition.

When the left ear itches / rings, it means that someone you know says good things about you. If it’s your right ear itching, someone says something bad about you. It means that someone says bad things about you.

Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Superstition

What do you think when you see a ladder next to a building? There is no one on the ladder and it does not block your way, but you still do not go under it. Instead, you walk around the ladder. Why? Because that would bring bad luck! Every day there are signs around us. In fact, there are even symbols in our dreams that try to tell us something.

These types of symbols are everywhere, even when you are awake. Not everyone believes in these kinds of signs, but many people do, and they tend to have very specific ideas about what makes an omen – and what they really can say about the future.

According to the Merriam Webster, an omen is “something that you think is a sign or a warning about something that will happen in the future.”

A black cat is perhaps the most classic example of an omen. However, this superstition is quite complicated and is often misunderstood. You can actually be a good or bad omen.

Historical mysteries explain that black cats had a great importance for witches, darkness and death in the Middle Ages and are perceived as negative and evil.

But the Egyptians worshiped black cats. They were also seen as good luck charms for fishermen and pirates. There is an old superstition that says if your left ear itches, someone says something good about you.

However, itching your right ear means something bad is being said about you. There is a long-standing belief that spilling salt is a sign of misfortune. This is because salt was once considered a valuable commodity, and a waste was equated with bad luck.

Have you ever worn a piece of clothing wrong? There is an old woman who says you should wear your clothes the wrong way round, as this brings good luck.

After good luck symbols, you have to walk around all day so that luck stays with you. Merriam-Webster defines doppelgangers as “a ghostly counterpart to a living human being”. If you have ever encountered someone who looks the same as you, then that is interpreted as an omen of bad luck. Rainbows are traditionally symbols of good luck.

However, it may be better not to draw too much attention to them.

If you see a rainbow in the sky, it can be an instinct to excitedly point to it. Some cultural peoples think that referring to the rainbow is a questioning to the gods and thus brings bad luck. Snakes have always been feared. Very few of them have ever been put in a positive light.

Many people also fear snakes. Some of them are also very toxic. For these reasons, crossing paths with a snake is almost always a sign of misfortune.

Tingling hands are always a strange feeling. Some people think that it could mean something. Astrologers like Ali Noura explain that this feeling could be an indication of future wealth or status. The theory is that the tingling predicts your hands will be covered in cash in the future.

If you want to defend yourself against the villain who is ringing in your right ear, pull on your ear so that he may bite his tongue and stop speaking. And to avoid accident, cross your fingers … The thumbs up is a sign of happiness, a symbol that represents a positive view of a situation or event. For Roman gladiators, this meant that they would survive another day, until a new fight.

Today, it’s a message of hope or praise to a person without saying a lot.

Otherwise, the thumb as a symbol traces its roots back to the great-grandmother, who noted that babies are usually born by squeezing their thumbs, and this was interpreted as the first sign of life.

When it rings in your ear, someone tries to tell you something or someone speaks to you. Older superstitions say that it does not matter which ear is at stake: if it is to the right, it is possible that someone spoke evil about you, and if it is to the left, someone mentioned you in the language of love.

One of the best ways to avoid an accident is with your fingers crossed. The power of this ritual is related to the time of the early Christians, who had to meet in secret.

As they could not publicly display the symbol of the cross to inspire them in prayer, they would cross their index finger and middle finger to create a reminder of the Passion of Christ.

When someone sneezes, Americans reflexively say, “God bless you,” This custom has European roots, because in many parts of Europe it was believed long ago to sneeze the soul out of the body, so that blessing protects the person from death.

At the time of the great plague, the sneeze attack was a sign of death, so the pope ordered that the people be blessed and that those who sneeze must cover their mouth with a cloth or turn to the side.

To protect the healthy or to prevent the soul from escaping, it is difficult to say today. If two people sneeze at the same time, it is thought that they could live happily ever after.


Belief wants that when we hear a slight whistle in the left ear, it means that someone is talking well about us.

On the contrary, when the whistle is heard in the right ear, it means that they are speaking ill of us.

The mystery is even more profound, but one has the possibility of revealing it, in fact it is thought that one can also discover the initial of the name of the famous person who is talking about us or is thinking about it.

In this case, the person next to us is asked to say a random number and by counting this number will correspond to a letter from the alphabet.

By making this report and this calculation you can discover the initial of the person in question and maybe try to understand who it is!

All that remains is to remember not to neglect this annoyance and possibly resort to the remedies indicated above, as far as the legend is concerned, play it up, it can also be fun!