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Sad Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

In every dream analysis, the feelings of the dreaming play a big role. If, for example, the dream is perceived as pleasant or not, this can lead to different interpretations.

However, if a particular emotion predominates in the dream or is even perceived as the decisive dream symbol, completely different interpretive approaches result. Because the overpowering feeling of sadness makes the whole dream content for the interpretation of dreams appear in a different light.

The other content of the dream should also be used for the consideration.

Sometimes you see a person crying in silence, other times, instead, you might dream of hearing someone cry, hearing crying only with hearing, without seeing it; often it is a child’s crying, a newborn. In the past there was a tendency to give a supernatural meaning to this dream (spirits?).

Sad Dreams – Meaning

Anyone who feels oppressed and melancholy in the dream, perhaps awakened out of the dream by sadness and starts to cry, is probably initially scared. Is the feeling a bad omen? Does that wistful, worried feeling mean that it will soon be felt in the watch-world? Learn more about the dream symbol “sad” below:

Anyone who finds everything sad in his dream, very sad, gloomy and distressed, and perhaps even takes this feeling into the real world when waking up, promises the general dream interpretation that his desires and hopes will soon be fulfilled.

The sad content of dreams thus turns into the opposite for the dreaming in the watch-world and he can look forward to his future joyfully.

If the sleeping person is sad and joyless in his dream because of a certain event, he must prepare himself for a disappointment. For in awake life a favorable opportunity or a profitable project will not develop according to his wishes.

Similarly, if you see in a dream the mimic play of a mime or a man with a downcast face: In order to bring a project to a successful conclusion, it requires a greater commitment with combined forces.

If the dreaming observes other melancholy and sad people in his dream, it will generally come to an unpleasant halt in one of his undertakings. The person concerned will have to accept this, because he has no means at his disposal to avoid these difficulties. Such dream situations often take place in the hospital or nursing home, where people are sick or lonely.

If a lover feels a great sadness in the dream – perhaps because the partner is dead – he often faces the end of his relationship in the watch world. His subconscious has already recognized this fact and sends the appropriate message to the sleeping person on the dream level.

If the dreaming wears a sad death because of a death and is depressed, this is again regarded as a dream of the opposite. He may rejoice in the watch world over joyous times with happiness and joy, in contrast to the unfamiliar experiences in the dream. If he screams out his pain in a dream, the happiness in reality is all the greater.

Psychologically, sadness and crying in dreams are seen as a symbol of emotional liberation. In dreaming life it does not seem possible to the dreaming to openly reveal his (pessimistic) feelings.

Therefore, he shifts this to the dream level, so as to be able to process his grief.

The dream symbol “sad” can also point to an experience that has shaped the dreaming strongly and which is to be understood as the cause of grief.

The unhappy sleeping person therefore receives a request through the dream content to deal with this experience. For if he pushes it away unprocessed, it can lead to serious mental health problems.

Furthermore, the psychological dream interpretation in the sadness as a dream symbol provides a hint to the dreamer that he mourns at this level for something old or lost.

The dream usually refers to a new beginning in life, in which many familiar things have to be left behind.

Sad Dreams – Symbolism

Being sad in dreams is quite common, and it is not surprising that the context of the dream is sad: you can cry, for example, for the death of a loved one, for a mourning a funeral, a bad news, etc.; or for the pain of a departure, for an abandonment; you can cry for love, for a betrayal, for jealousy, for a disappointment, for anger, following a wrong suffered or a quarrel; in the dream indeed many bad things can happen.

But sometimes in dreams one also cries of happiness, for beautiful events: a marriage, an encounter with a person who has not been seen for a long time (also, for example, a dear deceased); emotion and emotion can be so strong that you start crying.

According to popular interpretation, crying in pain would bring luck and happiness, and seeing your relatives cry would announce an incoming legacy; instead of weeping for joy, on the contrary, it would announce troubles and misfortunes. And what if we dreamed of crying without a particular reason? Let’s see what it means to cry in dreams from a psychological point of view.

Repressed feelings that during the vigil you could not or wanted to vent; for example, if during the day you have suffocated feelings of displeasure, pain, guilt, remorse, nostalgia, anger, confusion, frustration, humiliation, etc., it is possible that they find an outlet in your dreams, because while you dream of your mechanisms defense are loose.

Therefore it can happen to cry crazily even when in the dream nothing is happening that could lead you to tears.

Dreaming of someone being sad – When in the dream you see someone else crying (relative, boyfriend, mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, etc.), it may be that your tears manifest your sense of guilt towards this person; perhaps her weeping reproaches you for having made her suffer; or maybe you felt his sadness.

Alternatively, his crying could be the projection of sorrows that you are feeling; maybe she represents a part of you that suffers. If you console her in the dream, it’s positive.

Sometimes you see a person crying in silence, other times, instead, you might dream of hearing someone cry, hearing crying only with hearing, without seeing it; often it is a child’s crying, a newborn.

In the past there was a tendency to give a supernatural meaning to this dream (spirits?).

Probably because it is very realistic, so much so as to almost always cause awakening, with a state of mind of fear and alarm.

Feeling in a dream the cry of a child is very common in those who are recently parents; excluding this case, the dream may depend on the fact that, even if you didn’t realize it, your basic needs (nourishment, relationship, affection, rest …) have been neglected; you have to take better care of yourself.

Alternatively, the crying child may represent a new project that you care about that needs care and attention.

Dreaming of not being able to cry – Tears can be an outlet, u a request for help, a dialogue without words; if you dream of not being able to cry, of crying without tears or voices, then this can be a symptom of an emotional block, a kind of ‘censorship’ that does not allow you to freely express pain and other strong passions.

Dreaming of crying and being sad really, waking up feeling sad – Sometimes the emotions experienced in the dream are so acute and intense that you could actually cry; but there are also many people who wake up with their faces wet with tears, and yet they cannot remember the dream they were having, perhaps because it was too painful and traumatic; or it may even be that they were just dreaming of crying.

If sometimes you happen to cry in your sleep, it may depend on wounds and traumas that re-emerge. You are working up a loss, even if on a conscious level it seems you are not sad.

Being sad and alone in dreams – in your life you have several difficulties that you would like to face with more courage, but you are not able to take the pulse.

Sometimes you try to make it your own commitment, but it is easier to take refuge in nothingness and feel sorry for yourself, rather than solve problems.

You are living a somewhat complex period of your life, at work or with your partner. If you dream of crying with joy, this means that you are about to leave the tunnel, taking the path of tranquility and happiness once and for all.

Being sad because you made a mistake – For someone who has made a mistake: especially to that person, but contrary to what you see in a dream, in real life you will end up celebrating with him or her a victory or an important goal achieved. Sometimes dreams reserve unexpected implications.

Being sad for no reason – negative omen. In all likelihood you are about to begin a difficult period, during which you will have to face more than one difficulty. And it will almost become a habit to cry. It will be a limited time, but you will suffer a lot.


Anyone who is sad or even sighing because of music, such as a harmonium, should be more concerned with his feelings in the watch world. Because here seems to be an imbalance.

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “sad” as a reminder to the dreamer to think again about an existing grief. Maybe a certain aspect has been closed to him so far, but it still keeps him busy. You should now think about this more.