Dream Meaning

Seeing Marriage in Dream Is Good or Bad?

Marriage is one of the dream images that often appear when we are experiencing a particular emotional situation in real life.

Sometimes it may happen that we are not the protagonists of the dream, but instead we are spectators, guests or witnesses of the wedding of a friend, who may be in reality unmarried or already married.

Marriage in Dreams – Meaning

In general, marriage, in whatever capacity it is desired to see, from the dreamlike point of view, always represents a change of life, be it positive or negative.

However, it can also represent, if a friend is married, the desire on our part to see a person dear to us happy and settled.

Even if in real life the friend in question is happily married, the meaning of the dream does not change.

In fact, we are very likely to hope that a pending situation will be released for her and she can finally be happy.

In this case the marriage symbolizes not the sic et simpliciter wedding, but the crowning of a dream.

This is certainly one of the interpretations we can give to dreaming of a friend’s wedding, but it is obviously not the only one.

Very often in fact the characters of our dreams are in reality transpositions of ourselves and even the person who marries, although he has the features of someone else, can actually represent us.

Most probably we are not yet able to accept our romantic side, the desire to form a family or even a change of another nature, so our inner self puts us before a dreamlike image in which we are not the protagonists.

Being a spectator can make us feel happy or sad, depending on our state of mind with respect to the real situation.

If in the dream we are happy, we cry with happiness or we are serene in the highlights of the ceremony, such as the exchange of faiths or the throwing of rice, it means that we are on the right track to accept what the future will put before us.

On the contrary, if the feeling we feel is of anxiety or discomfort, as well as discomfort, we are probably not really ready yet to let ourselves go to the new.

Be it represented by a love story, a different job or any new chapter in our life. In this case it is good to stop to understand what blocks us and how to calmly face what is coming.

Marriage in dreams – Symbolism

In dreams, marriage is a commitment that is taken with another person. At times it assumes a meaning of envy or jealousy, other times of joy and responsibility.

It can be a message of the unconscious that proposes two different aspects of our personality.

What does it mean to dream of a wedding? Whether it is our own or that of another person there are only minor differences in explaining the meaning that this sign assumes in dreams.

If you are already married, dreaming of your marriage means that there is an awareness that a choice has been made that will probably affect the development of your personality and future life.

If you are single, or just not yet married, the meaning of this dream vision may represent the desire of the dreamer.

Dreaming of strangers’ marriage, the meaning always depends on the cases, the ceremony can represent both the union of different parts of our personality and the working or affective union of someone close to you, but also that of ourselves.

it depends on how you feel, if they are moments of joy and it is probable that you do not see the time for it to happen. Alternatively, if you are not happy with this wedding, concerns may arise about the person we dreamed of, who gets married in the dream.

Another possible interpretation may derive from the union of different personalities that belong to us and that we find in other people; also the meaning of the affective union cannot be excluded.

Dreaming of a marriage without a bridegroom is typical of a situation in which something crucial is missing, even when everything seems to be there. This can derive both from his uncertainties and from her, unlike the cases.

Dreaming of marriage with ex means that there is a nostalgic attachment to the past, this can sometimes lead to difficulties in facing or accepting the problems of everyday life.

Often it happens to make this kind of dream even when it refers to a work situation, for example the dream can tell you that you are in a business company with someone who does not convince you and maybe you have already had proof of the failure of the project.

Dreaming of a missed marriage means that you feel you have missed an opportunity whether it be a marriage, an affective issue, or a job issue.

Marriage in Dream – Different dreams

Among the various stages that mark the biographical journey of each individual, marriage represents one of the most important and fundamental changes; it definitively establishes the independence of the life of the couple and the removal from the respective family nucleuses in order to manage in total autonomy their own vicissitudes of love and more. Rivers of romantic and post-romantic literature have progressively grafted into our culture the myth of marriage as the crowning glory of their love story, peak and peak of their sentimental aspirations.

What until the eighteenth century was considered a purely economic and social fact, a means by which to attempt even a very personal social ascent within a complex hierarchical envelope, has gradually become, thanks also and above all to the extension of social rights, the emblem of the crowning of love and its fruits.

On the other hand, the excessive freedom and immediacy with which these choices are made today have generated another type of problem: a high index of divorces in which, once again, the economic aspect reigns supreme.

Let’s see what are the main symbolisms, from the dreamlike point of view, associated with this event.

The highly suggestive image of a bride or a wedding dress is very frequent in dreams, not only in those with open eyes, often conceived by the fervent imagination of the many couples in love, but also in the nocturnal ones.

This symbol, in particular, strongly impresses the minds of many women and girls since young girls (probably all the fault of Disney cartoons).

The wedding dress is a very strong and meaningful symbol: it concentrates female aspirations in its interior, sanctions a definitive change imagined and wanted from an early age.

From a strictly anthropological point of view, dreaming of a bride, a wedding dress or a wedding, is synonymous with enormous social changes on the part of the individual, who is probably facing a strong moment of transition in his life, in which they are in dance more responsibility and attention towards a given situation.

The bride (and her dress in particular) is therefore linked to the concept of a sudden change, categorically defines the departure from the home of origin, from the previous family and social nucleus in order to create a new and independent one, thus determining , different rhythms of life, different habits, leaving room for a huge maturation process, promising eternal love and trust, and above all “making sexual activity” licit. It is a fundamental step towards the continuation of one’s genetic line.

Dreaming of a bride should make us reflect on the existential current that is dragging the dreamer, on the sudden changes that are gradually taking place during their activities, the fear of facing them, the feeling of not feeling ready, the perception of being dragged by external events, just as, indeed, from the various ancestral and primitive rituals of our life, judged as meaningless.

A not inconsiderable fact is the enormous candor which generally marks the wedding dress, which has always been linked to ideas such as purity, chastity, integrity and moral perfection.

The direct consequence is that seeing a bride wearing a dirty or badly made dress contradicts all our aspirations that go in this direction, a sign of misplaced or unfulfilled expectations, a subtle emblem of a possible sense of latent guilt perhaps linked to unofficial relationships, pain or betrayal.


Having to do, during sleep, with the image of a bride who does not present the canonical traits of marriage or who wears a dress very far from the traditional idea has a precise meaning; usually in such dreams, the dreamlike wayfarer knows perfectly well that it is a bride, but does not deduce it from the clothing of the lucky one, but from the context and the situation in the background.

A bride different from the traditionally pompous and white one, refers to alternative ways in which we are trying to deal with couple relationships: cohabitation, clandestine ties, or the need to live the relationship more according to one’s needs. It represents the gap that exists between our hopes / expectations and what is really happening to us.