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Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

Dreaming of water is considered one of the most frequent dreams, this is because water is a symbol of life, birth, purification, cleanliness, spirituality.

Water can be present, in our dream, in many different ways, it can be represented by a stream like a river or a stream, by a waterfall, by a pure water source, but also by the sea or from a lake.

So, water can be present in dreams in all its possible and imaginable forms, one of the most frequent dreams related to water can be the one aimed at expressing our physical necessity; if we feel the stimulus of thirst during the night this can be expressed in the dream with the strong sensation of burning or with a frenzied drink from a bottle or a glass, in this case the dream that focuses on the search for water is nothing else that the warning to wake up to drink, a message from our body that invites us to quench our thirst.

But water does not present itself exclusively as a stimulus to physical thirst, but it can have many meanings, each of which can be interpreted differently according to the sensations experienced in the dream, the color of the water and its conformation.

Seeing Water in Dream Symbolism in Cultures

Water in dreams appears with greater frequency than the other elements of earth, fire and air. Water is precious, and fundamental, our planet is covered, our body is made of it, in the water it swarms and life is formed.

The symbol of water is present in the cosmologies of the most diverse peoples throughout the earth: ritual ablutions, universal deluge, purification and destruction through water, are themes that in myths return to confirm their great value.

Swimming in water in dreams with difficulty, against the current or with ease and pleasure, can help you understand the way in which certain situations or problems are faced.

The appearance of a purifying and healing water bath will connect to the unconscious need for change: old parts, obsolete habits that must be “washed away”, eliminated by the strength and vitality of the primordial element in a purification, death and rebirth that merge in the symbol. Bachelard in his beautiful “Psychoanalysis of the waters” (Red Ed. Images from the deep 1992) states that: “… We dive into the water to be reborn again.”

The meaning of water in dreams when it appears laden with latent, beautiful and dangerous energy can be associated with the emotional world, with overflowing and spreading of it, with the fear or attraction that expression or contact with emotions causes.

The water will then refer to a need for containment, to a more appropriate mode of expression or it will be a symptom of the emotions that take over or are acting in some aspect of the dreamer’s life.

Dreaming of running water in dreams is an image that is linked to the flow of life, to time, to becoming, while spring water is connected to the flow of strength and vitality, to the presence of unconscious energies, water that finally falls from the sky. Will be able to direct the dream towards a purely spiritual aspect.

Dreams about Seeing Water – Meaning

In dreams, water is dreamily speaking the most important symbol of the unconscious. Water: source of life, origin and end of everything. In this regard, not only did Jung and Freud think the same way.

What does it mean to dream of water? Being this dream symbol present in many of our dreams, in which the interpretation is very different in every situation that presents itself before us, I propose to immediately consult our dictionary of dreams.

Dreaming of walking on water represents the balance of a personality that knows how to manage with right doses between one’s own conscious, the unconscious and instinct. Dreaming of being mirrored in water means that we are becoming aware of ourselves and our personality.

Dreaming of clear, pure, clear, transparent water means that we reserve too much space for our intellect that needs, from time to time, to get dirty with something that escapes morality, perhaps too ancient, to which we submit every day. Our instincts need to see a little light.

It means that we have come into contact with our most obscure unconscious in which all our brutality is present, the defects that are part of our personality and the mistakes made. This is to understand that we cannot escape from the darkest part of ourselves, but we must accept it as part of our self. We are “black” but also “white”; the Yin and Yang of our being.

It means that the flow of energy flowing through your veins allows you to adapt to all the situations you encounter on the path of your life. This symbol is also interpreted as a link between the conscious and the unconscious.

Dreams about Seeing Water – Symbolism

Dreaming dirty water – is the dream case that is most common to this vision. We try to give an outlined interpretation. Dirty water is synonymous with lies, difficulty in seeing the truth, suspicion and distrust.

Dreaming of dirty water can be the manifestation of a feeling of discomfort towards what you are, towards your behaviors that may have been little corrected towards a colleague, a friend or a family member. In the dirty water lie all the confused feelings, the dreamlike manifestation of depression or illness.

If you dream of looking inside a pool of dirty water – means that you can’t be honest with yourself, you have a strong mental confusion that doesn’t make you understand your feelings.

Dreaming of seeing one’s reflection altered in dirty water – is understood as a difficulty in perceiving oneself for what one really is. Dreaming of dirty water inside the house means that we are going through a problematic period with our partner or with a member of our family.

Dreaming of drinking water – can be a symbol of regeneration of one’s ego, it can therefore have the meaning of purification.

This does not mean that very often the gesture of drinking water derives precisely from the biological necessity that does not arrive in wake reminds us in sleep. Did you go to bed with a dry throat?

These dream symbols take up our inner world that draws on the emotional world, which is often held in check by controlling and imprisoning the emotions that assail us.

Therefore, due to fear or to the situations in which we find ourselves, we tend to keep them closed in our psyche.

This symbol can have a positive meaning but also a negative one, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. On the one hand it can mean that something that belongs to the past is finally leaving us and we are freeing it.

On the other hand it can also mean that there is something wrong, that does not allow us to be free and to react.

If we think of the way of saying, “it makes water from all sides”, we will understand that there is a problem that should not be underestimated. It remains for you to understand what the problem is. It is clear, however, that you have it at home, very, very close to you.

Dreaming of water coming out of the washing machine – means that there is probably an excess in what you are doing or in the way you live part of your life.

The ancients would have said that this symbol is a bad omen, but we who are modern this time we believe the same, but we learn the news even with pliers.

In fact it is likely that there is simply a wrong outflow of energy or physical or mental. It’s up to you to think about how you spend your days. Ah! And above all, don’t waste water!

Dreaming of boiling water – means that you are probably boiling like a pot full of water ready to explode. Evaluate what you are and live right now. Dreaming of holy water could bring you back to your spiritual side that you may have left aside lately.


Water in dreams refers both to maternal energy, for the first contact of the human being with the amniotic fluid, and to the unconscious and its depths, to spirituality and emotions, but it will be important to consider its appearance, its be turbid or limpid, appear calm and calm or agitated and violent. Aspect that will be evaluated with the sensations provoked in the dreamer.

Dreaming of clean and transparent water in which to be immersed, connects to clarity in situations, the possibility of “seeing clearly”, well-being and balance in the expression of emotions.

On the contrary, dreaming of stagnant or muddy water can be a symptom of discomfort, feeling in the presence of something incomprehensible or unmanageable.

At the end, water can be both a positive and negative sign and it all depends on the dream itself. How water was represented in your dream is what affects the final interpretation.