Smelling Smoke – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

What associations do we associate with the term fire in our dreams and in real life? And which with words like fire or smoke? Romantic associations when we think of a log fire or a campfire.

Terrifying when images of a tragic fire appear before our mind’s eye. Comfortable feelings, however, evoke thoughts of the fire in a warming tiled stove.

Smoke and dark smoke, on the other hand, are likely to cause only gloomy associations in us.

In today’s text we will talk about the symbolism and meaning of smoke in our dreams and in general.

So if you have been dreaming smoke or smelling it lately for no reason, this article could help you find out what this means.

Smelling smoke – Symbolism and Meaning

When thinking with embers and fire, what comes to mind? From the glow of passion in a love affair, which can also go out, to the burning of fingers on a too hot a matter.

A small fire in the form of a small flame, we often equate with our spiritual knowledge. A light may have risen for us or we would not like to put our spiritual light under the bushel, as long as it burns and shines.

Fire was the first element that our forefathers made use of and which greatly improved their lives.

However, fire also meant danger and devastation. As different as in real life and in our associations we encounter fire, so different may be the meaning of fire in our dreams.

A dying fire in our dreams could be an indication of dying life energy in us, perhaps the onset of a disease that we are now hatching. Bright flames could announce a new idea in us or a stroke of luck that will happen to us.

Smoke and smoke, on the other hand, always mean trouble and are usually a bad omen. A fire or fire with a lot of smoke and fume could also indicate that you do not recognize correctly or only with difficulty the bad intentions of competitors and adversaries.

Often, fire in male dreams is also interpreted as a purely erotic symbol. In this context, fire should be based on great devotion and strong feelings combined with a lot of passion. If a man kindles a fire in a dream, then he could have found a new flame in his life

Like fire, we must also see the glow as a symbol in our dreams. If we glow in the dream inwardly with passion, enthusiasm or inner strength, then it is a good sign. But beware, if the fire threatens to burn inside us. Ember is like in real life a pre or final stage. It can kindle a fire in us.

However, our passion or our mental and physical strength could also go out.

Not completely unnoticed, we should leave a possible emotional fire. That too could be it.

So, for example, when we see a house burn. A house usually reflects the psychic and physical substance of the dreamer. In the opinion of depth psychologists, our unconscious lies hidden in the basement, while the attic reflects more the state of our consciousness.

In any case, it is advisable to go in dreams of fire or fire, embers, smoke or smoke. Perhaps this will make you realize the meaning of your dream much faster than you might initially expect after awakening.

Dreams about smoke – Interpretation

In the dream interpretation Smoke the dream symbol can be a symbol for impairments of the life circumstances, clarify fears or symbolize doubt.

In particular, black smoke is considered a symbol of unpleasant developments. White smoke, on the other hand, represents friendliness and happiness.

Even if you smoke a cigarette or cigar in a dream, the dream scenarios provide important information to a professional interpreter.

In the psychological dream interpretation of smoke, the dream sign embodies unconscious emotions that point the dreaming to an unclear situation or warn him against something.

The subconscious mind draws attention to a situation that can be harmful on a mental level. When experienced consultants interpret smoke dreams, it is crucial whether the associations reflect the mental state.

What does it mean to dream of smoking? The smoke in dreams can cover various aspects but it is often due to some in particular that we can easily interpret. For a non-smoker it can be interpreted as wanting to break a taboo. Dreaming of wanting to smoke: it can indicate emotional and or sexual need.

Sometimes it’s really very difficult to get rid of different types of vice, or from the various types of obsessions that take us for so many years and are not going to let us go even for a moment out of their clutches. This can be the case with common vices, such as alcohol, smoking and sex.

After all, man is always obsessed or addicted to different kinds of vices, he can be vicious in excess of drinking, in excess sex or in smoking.

In the latter case, the man is always ready to tell himself to stop smoking, but the pleasure of smoking is very strong and therefore in his daily ritual man remains entangled in the coils of this pleasure and is unable to free himself.

As much as he wants to do everything to get rid of it, smoking and the pleasure of smoking a cigarette at certain times of the day does not let him go, he does not make it free and then he must necessarily resort to the package he has in his pocket and lighter.

But when the man realizes that he is exaggerating then he tries to run for cover and tries to limit the moments dedicated to the cigarette with different strategies and sometimes this is a real problem.

This obviously because with the limitation of cigarettes, vice and pleasure manifest themselves in the dream world and haunt man with the presence and the desire to give himself a cigarette, perhaps after meals or immediately after coffee.

But in dreams what value can cigarettes have? Some focus on the intimate and Freudian interpretation of the cigarette, or the gesture of sucking the maternal breast in childhood, so this nostalgia for that moment, while others tend more for a moment in which it is necessary to let off steam and get rid of our tensions through smoking a cigarette, the smoke released by our mouth would therefore be all the tension and all the worries we release go.

If the mud is the result of the mixture of water and earth, smoke, instead, is the result of the encounter between air and fire.

During pagan rituals, gifts to the gods were burned and the smoke emitted by them served as a bridge between the divine world and the human world.

Dreaming of smoking, with its connotations related to all that is ephemeral and fleeting, is equivalent to placing the dreamer in the face of his uncertainties.

Consequently it could indicate that, in everyday life, the sleeper is surrounded by vanity, inconsistent honors and happiness, of short duration.

Not completely unnoticed, we should leave a possible emotional fire. That too could be it.

So, for example, when we see a house burn. A house usually reflects the psychic and physical substance of the dreamer.

In the opinion of depth psychologists, our unconscious lies hidden in the basement, while the attic reflects more the state of our consciousness.

The Smell of Incents (White Smoke) – Meaning

We all certainly heard the heavenly scent of incense when we attended a church service or visited a church.

Many also know him from the wellness area, where he enjoys a growing interest.

The word “frankincense” comes from the Old High German “wîhrouch”, meaning “holy incense,” “to waken,” “to sanctify,” “to consecrate.” It refers to resins used for smoking (olibanum, myrrh, etc.) as well as those plant species from which these resins are obtained (also incense or incense), and finally the smoke itself.

Incense – Smoke Barn Incense resin (Olibanum) is traditionally understood to be the resin extracted from the trees of the genus Boswellia. It is a granular dried resin and was already widely used by the ancient Egyptians: not only for ritual purposes, but also in the mummification of outstanding personalities or as an aromatic, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory fumigant in everyday life.

It can be said that the incense resin was a universal medicine in Egypt at the time. In ancient Rome, the burning of this resin in republican times replaced the old, prescribed sacrifices, and for prayer and thanksgiving, burned the incense grains in specially made vessels (acerra) in the fire.

In the ensuing imperial period, when a Roman emperor or city governor moved into a city, frankincense was carried forward as a sign of homage and the ousting of sewage.

There were also Roman emperors who allowed themselves to be worshiped as “lord and god” (dominus et deus) and before whom they regularly made a smoke offering. From the Roman cult, in late antiquity, Christians took over the use of incense in worship and transmitted the “Lord and God” (dominus et Deus) to the biblical God.

During incense burning incense develops a strong aromatic fragrant smoke, which predestined it for the ritual acts of various cults (Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt) and religions (including in the Catholic and Orthodox Church) since the middle of the first millennium. Olibanum is often used with other fumigants such as Benzoin, myrrh, galbanum, rockrose, styrax, laurel, etc. mixed.

In the Pharmacy industry of our days, the incense also arrived, whereby the Indian variant (Boswellia serrata) turned out to be particularly suitable.