Spiritual Meaning of Birds Hitting Window

If you have noticed that a bird hits your window, then you should not miss this article. In most of the cases it happens that a bird hits a window because it has seen the reflection of sky in the glass.

When a bird is attracted by this reflection, it can hit a window accidentally, so in this case we cannot talk about the spiritual meaning of that bird.

However, sometimes a bird hitting your window can have different symbolic meanings, so it would be nice to know some of them.

Actually, it is believed in many traditions all over the world that a bird hitting a window is an important omen. It could bring important messages from the spiritual realms as well.

If you are interested to know more about this phenomena, then we recommend you to read this article carefully.

First we will mention a couple of superstitions related to this and after that you will see something more about the spiritual meaning of birds hitting window.

The Superstitions About the Birds Hitting Window

The first superstition related to the birds hitting window is not very good.

Actually, if you have seen the bird hitting your window and if the bird was dead, it means that you will have to face many obstacles in your life.

Even though it is not a good omen, a dead bird that is hitting your window has nothing to do with a real death.

As we have already said, it usually represents the obstacles that are waiting for you in the future.

However, if a bird hits your window and then it dies, it can have good symbolism as well. It can also mean that positive changes will happen in your life.

In many cultures in the world a bird that hits a window is a symbol of transitions that are expecting you in the future period.

The Bible has also the same explanation for this phenomena and it says that when we close one door, another door will open for us.

Because of that birds that are hitting your window can indicate that a certain phase in your life will be ended, because another phase is about to begin.

If you have faith and if you think positively, you will believe that the new phase will be much better for you. If you have suffered too much recently, a bird hitting your window can be a good omen as well.

In this case a bird could mean that all your worries and problems will stay in the past and you will be able to go forward.

Your soul will be healed in the future period and the new period of your life will be much better for you. It is possible that you will start a new relationship soon or you will find a new job.

Anyway, it is a good superstition related to this phenomena, so you don’t have to worry.

It is also important to say that if a bird did not die after hitting a window, but it has just flew off, it probably doesn’t have any deeper symbolic meaning and there is no superstition related to this phenomena.

Now you will see something more about the spiritual meaning of the birds that are hitting your window.

The Spiritual Meaning of Birds Hitting Window

As we all know, birds are usually perceived as the symbols of freedom. But, when it happpens that a bird is hitting your window, then we can talk about its spiritual meaning as well.

Since ancient times it has been believed that the birds are the messengers of God, so they represent some kind of a connection between humans and divine forces.

In many cultures all over the world a bird is considered to be a positive symbol.

Actually, a bird that is hitting a window can symbolize good luck and prosperity.

In ancient times it was considered that a bird coming to your window represents the soul of your loved one who is dead.

It is also believed that the birds that are hitting windows represent angels and we need to notice them and to understand their message. When it comes to the spiritual meanings related to this phenomena, we have to say that the a bird hitting a window can symbolize your guardian angels as well.

They are watching over you and they want to help you whenever you need it. They will usually come to you at the moment when you have some problems and difficulties in your life.

This way they will offer you their help and support and you have to be able to understand their message. Seeing a bird hitting your window is a clear sign that you are not alone.

Your guardian angels are with you and they will show you the right path that you should follow. They will give you important advice and instructions, but you need to be able to recognize a bird that is coming from the spiritual realms.

Another important thing that you should take into consideration is a day when a bird has appeared on your window. It could be your anniversary, your birthday or any other important date, which will help you understand better a spiritual message that a bird is bringing to you.

Different Types of Birds Hitting Window

The spiritual meaning of a bird appearing on your window will also depend on the type of a bird. If it was a sparrow, for example, it is usually perceived as a symbol of generosity, sincere emotions and romance.

If a bluebird is hitting your window, it is a symbol of transformation as well as a symbol of happiness.

A condor that may be hitting your window is a symbol of mystery and death, while a dove is usually considered to be a symbol of peace and maternal love.

It is believed that doves are very powerful spirit animals, so you should not ignore them if they hit your window.

When it comes to doves as the spirit animals that may hit your window, you have to know that they can also represent good vision and focus. We can also mention that a blue jay bird hitting your window can symbolize communication and confidence.

You may be also wondering what it means if an owl hits your window. This bird is known as a symbol of wisdom, but in this case it can also represent changes.

Also, black birds, such as a raven, usually represent changes that are about to happen in someone’s life. In old folklore it was considered that a raven and a crown that hit your window will bring you protection and safety, while an owl was considered to be a symbol of illness.

You have seen some of the birds that may hit your window and you have seen what each of those birds represents.

But, you still don’t know what it means when a bird keeps following you after hitting your window.

If it happens, a bird that is following you may be your guardian angel. If the bird enters your house after hitting your window, it is also a good sign and it means that you have the support and protection from divine forces.

As you have seen in this article, there is special symbolism related to the birds that may hit your window.

Even though in old times it was considered to be a symbol of death, in most of the cases, it means that something in your life will end, because something else has to begin.

Most important is not to be afraid if a bird hits your window because it probably means that some changes are expecting you in the following period.

Sometimes a bird hitting your window announces financial gains that are expecting you soon and many other good things.