Spiritual Meaning of Copper

Copper has remarkably numerous properties. These are not necessarily required by the user systematically at the same time. The vast majority of copper applications refer to one of the 2 dominant properties: its electrical and thermal conductivity on the one hand and its resistance to corrosion on the other hand.

To these two basic properties, it is often necessary to add mechanical strength properties, suitability for implementation or machining, that copper does not have or insufficiently. Copper alloys are then used.

Starting from the two dominant properties which often remain the main preoccupations, the prescriber must then look in the wide range of possible additions that which will allow him, with reinforced mechanical characteristics and / or a good aptitude to the machining, to obtain the best compromise between all other requirements.

It is, with gold, the only clearly colored metal (jewelery gold contains up to 15% copper).

The natural color of copper is salmon pink, but it often appears red as a result of its superficial oxidation; this color is sought in decoration as well as the yellow color of brass (alloy of copper and zinc), which is more or less sustained depending on the percentage of zinc content.

Weathered when used on the roof, copper initially has a dark brown color, followed by a very adherent green almond patina, which protects it from further oxidation.

Copper Meaning in Cultures

Hebrew nechosheth. The metal was already known in antiquity and was processed in many ways. In some biblical passages, copper may be referred to as “bronze,” an alloy known to have been used in ancient Egypt, and Ezra 8:27 refers to fine copper that is “precious as gold.”

Copper is used as a symbol of righteousness according to the claims of God on man, as in connection with the copper altar. The Lord is seen in the face in Revelation with feet “like gleaming copper,” as if “they were burning in the furnace.” This stands for just judgment according to responsibility (Rev 1,15; 2,18).

Copper has been called the “metal carrying good” because it is beneficial for those who use it. There are numerous recognized properties and uses of natural medicine.

Medical research attributes copper anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, and there are many applications in the therapeutic field.

Today, naturopathy uses copper as a trace element. It is administered in the form of a colloidal element as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory at the joint and respiratory level, in combination with other minerals to fight fatigue and insomnia, anxiety, rheumatic problems, cardiovascular disorders and numerous other disorders.

Epidermal absorption of Copper

Considering that the daily requirement in copper is around 2-3 mg, even by wearing it it is possible to integrate the absorption of micro quantities necessary for the proper functioning of the organism: an epidermal absorption equal to 13 mg was calculated in a month, wearing a bracelet of 14 grams of weight.

Among the founders of oligotherapy, in 1920 Sutter used copper and manganese as an antipyretic in viral and anti-inflammatory affections in inflammation of rheumatic origin.

With Rudolf Steiner and the birth of anthroposophy, the foundations are laid for metallotherapy: metals are valued not only for their characteristics of electrical conductivity and heat but also for their catalytic power and for their ability to radiate specific order forces superior (called “etheric forces”) connected with the planetary system and which are the basis of all manifestations of the living.

In particular, copper is used as a mediator of light and heat and of the forces connected with the planet Venus. In the body system, the anthroposophical philosophy recognizes this metal as having particular affinities with the balance of the renal and circulatory systems.

It has the function of balancing body heat and neutralizing electrical and electrostatic charges, soothing arthritic and arthritic pains.

Steiner also claims that copper promotes self-acceptance and balance of emotions.

Healing virtues of copper in history

Already in antiquity it was used by the Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks, Romans and all the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Near East, as well as for its aesthetic characteristics, also for its healing virtues and for the realization of objects used during the practices religious.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory activity of copper that was used for the preparation of numerous drugs was already known, Pliny writes: “copper minerals provide medicine in many ways, since in them one finds the fastest healing for every type of ulcer “.

The practice of wearing copper bracelets on the wrist was introduced by the Chaldeans around 6000 years BC. to combat rheumatism and prevent infections. In the Old Testament the Lord orders Moses:

“For the purifications you will make a tub of copper and fill it with water. Aaron and his sons will use this water to wash their hands and feet. So they won’t die. They must wash their hands and feet so as not to die. This ritual prescription has absolute value for him and for all his descendants “(Exodus 30, 18-21).

In ancient civilizations copper was dedicated to female deities connected with the planet Venus, including Ishtar for the Babylonians and Astarte for the Greeks. It is traditionally used as a lucky charm to attract love and money.

Biological importance of copper

Copper is present in the human body and performs numerous functions within the body, after iron it is the most important mineral element.

Being present in all organic tissues, it is difficult and perhaps out of place to list all the functions that copper performs in the balance of the organism, some will be mentioned.

It favors the assimilation of iron acting as a catalyst in the formation of hemoglobin and vitamin C, it also promotes cell growth and respiration. Its action is decisive in the formation of bones, promotes good elasticity and good functioning of the cardiovascular system, increases the production of elastin and the formation of collagen which guarantees the health of the skin and prevents relaxation, promotes the production of melanin.

It is a constituent of enzymes with a defense function (superoxide dismutase and ceruloplastin) and plays a key role in limiting the outbreaks of infection at the cellular level, with a protective function against free radicals. Influences the liver, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and the genital apparatus.

Copper is one of the precious metals, more precisely, it is a semi-precious metal. Copper is a soft metal and has an orange-reddish color. It is ideal as a heat and electricity conductor and is therefore used in a wide variety of applications.

Copper can be stretched and processed very well when warm.

Often, copper is also used as an alloy for other materials to increase their durability and stability. In addition, copper provides excellent protection against rust.

Copper objects or material can also appear in our dreams. How these dream situations are to be interpreted best, you can read below.

Dream symbol “copper” – The general interpretation

Generally speaking, seeing copper objects promises rapid success and advancement for the dreaming. If the copper is polished to a high gloss, but you should beware of being too haughty and arrogant.

If you find copper coins, but an unexpected issue is imminent.

Also, you may be rewarded for a job done inappropriately. Physical efforts can make the dreaming, if he dreams of money from copper.

If one sees oneself in the dream surrounded by a lot of copper, in whatever form this may be, one tends, according to the opinion of the dream-interpreter very fast to arrogant and ugly behavior.

If you lose an object made of copper, you run the risk of making mistakes in the awake life. Be doubly mindful of everything you do.

However, if one has the luck to find copper in the dream world, then one will be surprised in real life by positive events, which sometimes can even avert greater harm from one.

Also the giving of copper is considered in the interpretation of dreams as a positive omen, because it promises the dreaming a soon to be expected, big profit.

However, you should expect losses if someone gives you copper.

Dream symbol “copper” – The psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “copper” is also said to be the metal of Venus – the Roman goddess of love and beauty. I

f copper now appears in our dream world, it can also express the dreamer’s sense of beauty, aesthetics and creativity. On the one hand, you love the upscale life and the associated luxury.

On the other hand, one is sensitive and knows how to enjoy life’s little things as well.

Anyone who dreams of copper is also said to have a great need for closeness and intense emotional experience.

If the person concerned is given something out of copper in the dream situation, in his real life he very often very often feels a great longing for certain things, which usually take place on the emotional level.

The dream image “copper” challenges the dreaming in a spiritual context to develop more gratitude in his life and not always to look at things from the heavy side.