Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Sulfur

In our dreams or in everyday life, we often smell familiar smells that take us back to a certain moment or simply make us wonder, why are we sensing this smell right now?

We often assume that there must be that this smell is coming from something around us, but these smells can often be spiritual signs or messages from the higher forces.

In today’s text we will discuss the meaning of smelling sulfur and what this represents for us.

We will also learn more about sulfur itself and his mentioning in the Bible and in Christianity.

So, if you smelled sulfur recently and you can’t understand what it means, then keep on reading.

What is Sulfur?

Sulfur, chemical symbol S, is a metalloid that occurs naturally in sulfates, in the form of crystalline sulfur or amorphous sulfur, often together with characteristic minerals (Celestine, SrSO4, baritine, BaSO4, aragonite, CaCO3).

The sulfate are deposits of sedimentary origin formed in the MIOCENE SUPERIORE (25 million years ago) in so-called EVAPORITES soils formed by evaporation of marine waters in lagoon environments and with hot and dry climates.

The evaporation of water and the flowering of algae made the environment, rich in fish and body organisms enclosed in a limestone shell, increasingly poor in oxygen, to the point of causing the death of almost every living species.

The organic substance that fell to the bottom was attacked by organisms capable of living in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic bacteria) and over the centuries gypsum and then calcium carbonate and sulfur were first formed.

Thus originated that layer called sulfur formation (sulphurous limestone’s associated with gypsum, clays and, sometimes, rock salt) from which we extracted sulfur until a few decades ago.

Already known in ancient times, it was used as early as the 9th century BC as medicine, as we still do today. In the 12th century the Chinese invented gunpowder which is a mixture of potassium nitrate (KNO3), coal and sulfur.

In Italy, the extraction of sulfur began in Sicily from the beginning of the seventeenth century, near the sulfur springs of the Caltanissetta area. Here the landscape appears as a territory of barren and yellowish hills (except in spring, when the grain dyes them) of intense green), where you can still see and visit the abandoned sulfur mines.

Meaning of Sulfur in the Bible

Sodom and Gomorrah are two ancient Biblical cities that God has aligned with earth for absolute mischief, sin, perversion, orgy, violence, and life expectancy. Only the Lot who was the only righteous and his daughters was saved from these two cities.

This biblical story is a warning to the absolute ruin of a society that occurs when a man renounces God and gives away sin. For example, today’s sin has so much overcome that mankind is only destroyed and God’s punishment as Lot’s time is not even needed.

Although many attempt to deny the evidence, the fact is that scientific research confirms the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. These cities were near the Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan. But even today, 4,000 years later, the place where these two cities appeared burnt, and sulfur balls were found there, which is by no means a coincidence.

Scientists have proved that all the stone was found in Sodom and Gomorrah actually burned and it is assumed that the cities were really burning at unbelievable temperatures.

The scientist agrees that this place is unique in the world by its geological texture, which differs from everything else in the area.

They claim that sulfur balls, falling into a true storm, created a temperature of 5000 degrees Celsius, and sulfur still covers the whole place today. Also, geologists argue that on the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is clearly visible that the stone was drenched and blasted, which was not found anywhere in the world.

Father, as he walked among the people, he stopped beside someone, and the serious man said to him, “You are ashamed!” The Christian who seeks to give the Lord the best of himself in the same way that Mary did, sister of Lazarus, will be the Lord with the scent of the Holy Spirit, the unborn love of the Father and the Son. Many pilgrims in the presence of Father Pia felt a heavenly smell.

Even today some pilgrims who go to San Giovanni Rotondo have sent a questionnaire that was not available. Many more than a year ago and after he went to visit, you can decide what Pére Pia is, otherwise unsuitable for your child. It is said that Father Pio makes his smell feel like he is to address.

Heavenly Father puts wine again in the old bunks, Jesus cubs. The Holy Spirit is undeniable poured on the one who is facing seriously. He saved Holy Spirit makes it all come to a supernatural love. What are you doing to Jesus? Come Mary, we are called not to waste the waste of our daily lives, but the first fruits.

It comes to Cain who sacrificed the lamb to the Lord, but you came Abel who sacrificed the Lord’s first-fruits to the Lord. The Lord are gentlemen who are generous toward him. The Lord loves all, but his only love is what he will with all his mind, with all hearts and with all his strength.

How spirits contact us?

Souls or beings try to come into contact only with those people who have a certain transcendence. That is, people whose frequency already vibrates higher and therefore can relatively easily connect with spiritual worlds.

We call such souls dead or alien beings from other worlds as spirits. I believe that from their world (dimension) I can see very well who they can “knock”, so to speak, because they can perceive the vibration of higher frequencies in people on Earth. Here are some examples of how ghosts are trying to contact us:

Spirits or ghosts can appear as an ectoplasmic entity. In parapsychology, ectoplasm is the substance of a spiritual energy that makes ghosts visible.

There are many theories about whether ectoplasm really exists. For the paranormal researchers, it is a mostly mist-like substance that can take all forms. It is believed that ghosts use ectoplasm to make themselves visible and that every human being possesses ectoplasm, which is released into the world as energy when dying.

Some believe that our astral body or etheric body consists of ectoplasm.

There are reports that people in the mirror have seen an ectoplasmic appearance, although no one else was in the room.

Another way in which ghosts can make themselves known is the entry and exit of electric light. A lamp suddenly turns off or on by itself.

In Peripheral Perception, some people report the sighting of a mind they have seen in terms of their field of vision. The peripheral field of view is the field that is not in the center of our field of vision but outside.

You can see a shadow moving or a shape that you cannot define exactly. Usually it is only fractions of seconds in which one perceives such a shape or movement in the corner of the eye.

The classical variant for the assumption that a ghost is present is the moving of objects. Pictures that suddenly hang crooked or objects that are no longer in their original place.

A very common variant are odors. You suddenly smell something that cannot be there at all. For example, people report that they smelled a cigar, although no one in the room smoked. Ghosts often try to make themselves felt by significant odors.

If someone has smoked cigar during his lifetime, it may happen that one smells of his presence after death in the form of cigar smoke. Or someone who loved the smell of fresh hay, could make his presence noticeable after dying with the typical scent of fresh hay. The smells spread by spirits always have to do with the things they liked during their earthly existence.

A tingling or tickling sensation on our body could be the touch of a mind. Or a slight pressure on our head, which could mean that a spirit is trying to contact our crown chakra. The typical hair bobbing and the feeling of goose bumps often tells us that ghosts are present. Also typical is a cool breeze that suddenly blows through the room, although no window is open.