Spiritual Smells and Their Meanings

For many millennia, people from different cultures have been using the effect of fragrances that come from incense.

Mostly substance groups such as woods, herbs and tree resins are used.

Depending on their composition, these fragrances have an energizing, cleansing, harmonizing or soothing effect.

They help with relaxation, relieving stress and can increase the mental and spiritual well-being and are also used in diseases.

Some people also think they can fight negative energy with energetic incense. In some cultures, healers use the power of fragrance to reach other spiritual levels.

In the Western world, they are used in aromatherapy.

Smell Hallucination

The Smell hallucinations describe the perception of smells without a correspondence in the environment of the perceiver. This means that there is no cause for the perception.

As a rule, the light creep is carried out by a medium. The media often perceive smells of deceased persons, who were called by the medium itself.

Most of the time, the smells refer to a special scent worn by a deceased person. But other phenomena are repeatedly described by the media.

Thus, the question of a remedy, the medium of the smell of the remedy can be perceived.

Other media reports that they perceived odors before the occurrence of a particular situation or event at the event location, which were later actually smelled when the event occurred.

A typical example of this is the smell of smoke and burnt wood just before a fire breaks out. Science has already studied such phenomena, but could not confirm the existence of these.

Rather, science assumes that there are certain signs that increase the likelihood of events. The brain interprets these unconsciously collected signals and creates a smell, which, however, only arises in the brain and is not really present. The smells in the light creeping are usually perceived only by the medium. People around the medium cannot smell the smells.

Through the eight fragrances listed in verses 22-38 of chapter 30 of the book of Exodus, as throughout the Bible, we must seek the Person of Christ. He is the key to the Word of God, as well as to all the fundamental problems of the life of man. Some principles can capture the deep and sometimes hidden meaning of Bible verses:

1.Understand that one verse of the Bible is always explained by another verse. One consequence of this fact will be that the more we know this Book. The more we will appreciate it.

2.One must always take into account the context, that is, the verses that precede and those that follow, as well as the meaning of the part of Scripture (book or epistle) read. modest and do not imagine that you will understand everything at once! It is therefore important to pray before reading Holy Scripture, to be enlightened by the Spirit of God.

We find in the two sets of four perfumes each, what Christ has been in all His life here and what He is now for the heart of God: “A fragrant perfume” (Cant.1: 3).

  1. Myrrh: The fragrance that the Bible speaks most often. Comes from a tree whose injured trunk gives tears that coagulate in the air and form like resin beads.

This first perfume speaks to us of the tears and sufferings of Christ, which are at the base of our salvation. He cried at the tomb of Lazarus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, and on Jerusalem. Human misery did not leave him indifferent, but he communicated with her and knew our difficulties as men, but never sinned.

In Psalm 102: 9 and Psalm 42: 3, through the prophetic voice, our Lord can say, in advance: “I have mingled my drink with tears” and “My tears have been my bread, day and night”.

  1. Cinnamon: a very beautiful tree that spreads the scent of its bark away. Jesus, who was the perfect man of God’s purposes, spread the sweet odor of His perfections and submission to His Father’s will. Eph. 5: 2 exhorts us to “walk in love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us, as an offering and sacrifice to God, for a sweet-smelling fragrance.”

He was, on the one hand, a perfect man before God, for God, and, on the other hand, a perfect manifestation of a God of love for man.

  1. The aromatic reed: it is a weak plant, but the white root has an excellent smell. It tells us about what Christ has encountered in the world opposed to God. Like the reed, it often bent under headwinds, but never broke. He suffered from human malice, but remained perfect in all things. Neither the powers of hell nor those of the world were able to deflect him from His path and the work He was going to do to save us from sin.
  2. The case: it comes from a beautiful tree. In Job 42:14, one of Job’s daughters, when he regained the divine blessing, is called “Ketsia”, that is, “breaks”.

This fragrance tells us about the extraordinary greatness and spiritual beauty of the Person of Jesus Christ. Read Psalm 45 which reveals this aspect of the Savior.

He did not remain in death, but He rose in a glorious way. The thought of His glorious resurrection is linked to this perfume.

Verse 8 of Psalm 45 summarizes in three perfumes the essence of the work of our Lord: 1: “All your garments are myrrh”: His sufferings. – 2: Aloe (perfume used to embalm the dead): His death, and 3: breaks: His resurrection and glorification.

Christ suffered in our place to atone for our sins. He died to rescue us from our spiritual death. He is resurrected, leading us to follow him in a new and dazzling life.

  1. The stacte: is in the form of droplets inside myrrh grains. It is therefore invisible to the human eye. Here we have an image of what is so great and profound in the work of Christ that only God can discern it and appreciate it to its true value.
  2. Odoriferous shell: lies at the bottom of the sea. This symbolizes what Jesus Christ felt when the waters of God’s judgment passed over his head. The judgment we had deserved for our evil deeds, He took upon Him, provided of course that we acknowledge our sinfulness that we sincerely repent and ask God for His forgiveness through the work of God. Jesus Christ on the Cross our salvation was accomplished in a sense two thousand years ago, but in another sense, for this salvation to become a reality for us, we must become converted to Christ.

By the prophetic voice of David, Jesus can exclaim in Psalm 69, verses 1 and 2: “The waters have entered into my soul. I am buried in a deep mud, and there is no place to take a foothold; I have entered the depths of the waters, and the current overwhelms me.

  1. Galbanum: comes from a bitter plant. Taken separately, it is unpleasant, but mixed with others, it gives them a particular relief and strength. This shows us that Christ is an odor of death for those who refuse it. There will be no second chance after this life. Our salvation or perdition is now decided. Hence the importance of not waiting until it is too late to decide decisively for Christ.
  2. Pure incense: it is produced by a burnt root and gives a pure white flame that rises before God. Image of the unlimited perfections of the Son of God. He is a pure incense and without equal.

The text adds “very fine”, which symbolically indicates that in the smallest details of His life He has manifested the same constant perfection.

In conclusion, we can say that Jesus Christ is the answer to all our problems and that only He can give full meaning to our existence and satisfy the deepest needs of the human soul.


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