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Strawberry – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Strawberries are a “false fruit” rich in minerals and vitamins B1 and B2 and vitamin C. Furthermore, different parts of the strawberry plant have healing properties.

They are very beautiful to see and tasty and bring joy to the table; in the kitchen they are often used in the preparation of cakes and ice cream and as decorations. Dreaming of strawberries is the symbol of the beloved woman, of tenderness and sensuality.

Strawberry – Dream Meaning

The strawberry, in Freud’s interpretation of dreams, symbolizes the pleasures of the senses. Sweet and ripe strawberries indicate that every day will burn in the fire of passion, foreshadowing intimacy with the desired person.

Dreaming of seeing or eating strawberries represents erotic thoughts and desires. They reflect female aspects with particular reference to sexuality.

According to Vanga, dreaming of strawberries presages the pleasure or the achievement of the desired goal (not necessarily erotic), without any effort. In the interpretation of Miller’s dreams, a beautiful juicy ripe strawberry is a good omen that provides for new love and pleasant emotions.

After having made this dream come true, we must try not to be involved in any intrigues of love and act decently to avoid any unpleasant consequences: always probe the ground before throwing ourselves headlong.

Strawberry – Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of a single strawberry – according to some interpreters foreshadows jealousy, while for a sick person, this dream is very positive because it heralds recovery.

According to other interpretations, if you only see a strawberry in your dream, it is an omen of marriage for singles, of the arrival of a child for married people.

Fresh and ripe strawberries in a nice basket in the dream foreshadow sexual adventures or unexpected joy.

Dreaming of dried, withered strawberries – this is a warning to curb one’s feelings or excessive ardor.

If they are rotten instead they foresee indifference to intimate pleasures and coldness of the partner.

If they are wild strawberries it presages that the desired person will not return the feelings and passions of the dreamer.

If they are not mature, the dream foretells unreasoning jealousy, struggles and quarrels. Unripe strawberries in dreams are a sign of sexual dissatisfaction of the partner.

Dreaming of seeing, of making, of eating strawberry jam – provides a fascinating love story; even if you have looked with desire at a delicious strawberry jam, the dream foreshadows imminent marriage that will bring much happiness.

Dreaming of eating strawberries – means that you will have a discussion with your child (if they have any) about his friends.

Dreaming of a cake with strawberries – predicts a joyful event; to garnish a cake with these berries in the dream means that the family does not trust the dreamer. A strawberry drink in a dream presages a declaration of love or a message of love.

Eating strawberries in a dream – presages family harmony and reciprocated love. Dreaming of eating many of them presages that you will spend pleasant time in bed with your loved one.

Dreaming of having chosen strawberries and having them eaten with pleasure – this is an auspicious dream, is the forecast bright and positive relationships. It is possible that you will soon meet the love of your life.

Dreaming of throwing strawberries away or refusing to eat them – indicates that one deliberately tends to deprive oneself of the joys of life; Furthermore, good luck is resisted.

Dreaming of picking strawberries – this foreshadows happiness. Dreaming of collecting them with regret, tired and unmotivated, without even eating one, then most probably you are in a period in which memories of the past resurface: a youthful love or a finished story.

To dream of planting strawberry plants – presages a pleasant novelty; sell them foreshadows monetary gain; buying them foretells the just condemnation of enemies.

Cutting the strawberries in two and putting them on the plate in a dream – implies that the spouse’s family will create problems. Seeing them with different colors in your dream implies the presence of people who dissemble.

Dark-red, sweet and juicy strawberries in dreams – that is how many people love strawberries, which are among the most popular fruits of the (early) summer.

Pure, with cream or vanilla ice cream, on cake – strawberries are especially enjoyed during the strawberry season from May to July in numerous variations. All year round you can also enjoy them as jam.

Strawberries are a member of the rose family and have been found in the Stone Age, where they have served the Stone Age as an important foodstuff.

However, the strawberry known today has only existed in Europe since the 18th century, when American strawberry varieties found their way onto the European continent.

Who in the dream eats a strawberry or several strawberries, may be happy about successes that affect both the private and the professional field.

In addition, it is quite possible that hopes that have long been dormant in the dreamer will soon be fulfilled.

Dream gardener at work – The planting of strawberries in the dream interpretation above all has a spiritual reference.

Planting strawberries in the dream world gives the dreaming to understand that he is part of an eternal cycle of reproduction and mental development.

In the dream symbol of strawberry planting, the implementation can also hide spiritual desires.

Pick the strawberries in dreams – If someone picks strawberries in their dreams, there’s probably some joy behind this in the real world. In addition, it is quite possible that the picking of strawberries symbolizes prosperity in a symbolic way that awaits the one or the other in the watch-world.

Dream of big strawberries – Although thick, large strawberries in the dream world look seductive and delicious, you should not be blinded by their appearance.

This dream image embodies a warning: it is not always appropriate to push yourself into the center and try to be the center of attention.

The strawberry cake is a dream symbol, which primarily has positive references and stands for health, success and happiness.

Eating strawberry cake shows the person concerned that they might want these things.

If a strawberry cheese cake was to be seen in a dream, this can point to upcoming celebrations.

Dream about Strawberry jam – If we are dreaming of strawberry jam, there is a chance that we will have to deal with difficult times.

But if we adjust in time, we can deal well with these problems. In this context, the dream event can also symbolize confidence.


Today there are about twenty species of strawberry, which are mainly in the northern hemisphere in temperate climates at home.

What many people do not realize is that the strawberries themselves are actually not the fruits of the strawberry plant, but the little yellow balls, called outlets, on the surface of the fruit.

Since almost all people like to eat strawberries and look forward to the strawberry season every year, the fruit is often part of dreams.

The fact that strawberries have been growing on earth for millennia also makes the fruit a traditional dream symbol.

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Seeing strawberries in a dream can have very different meanings that are often closely related to the personal feelings of the dreaming person.

If strawberries were perceived as very pleasant, certain sexual events and a closer friendship could be announced.

Were more negative emotions in the game, this can announce conflicts in a friendship.