What Does It Mean When a Bird Poops on You?

A common picture in which one encounters bird poop   in everyday life, should probably be a stain on the car. Just put his clean car somewhere outdoors and until you come back you discover on the paint or the disc a bird droppings.

But what does it mean when we don’t encounter such a situation in reality, but in the dream? What can this indicate? Is it just a memory or, according to the dream interpretation, more behind the symbol “bird droppings”?

Dream symbol “bird poop” – The general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image “bird poop” primarily contains an invitation to the dreaming. He should get rid of a problem that has not yet been completed or processed.

Only then will he be able to free himself of his legacy in the awake life and be able to direct his gaze into the future.

In the interpretation of the symbol “bird poop” but also the dream context plays an important role, as it provides further evidence for the interpretation.

Anyone who steps into a bird’s poop   in his dream will soon free himself from the constraints of his life and will be delighted with wealth and prosperity.

Discovered by the sleeping bird shit on his shoe, the watch world awaits him small amenities. If the dreamer of bird poop   hit the head, he should use his imagination and his creativity to cope with upcoming tasks.

In this dream situation, however, the bird species should be considered, which loses the feces in the dream. This can provide further important information for the dream interpretation.

Take a look at the bird species that you saw while sleeping in our big dream interpretation dictionary: you can find it via the search function at the top right corner of this page.

Dream symbol “bird poop” – The psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets bird poop   in the dream as an indication of the unconscious of a thing that negatively affects the dreaming in awake life.

He feels strained or restricted by a particular problem in his life. He should finally free himself from that. Because the time is ripe to deal with it and complete it.

If the bird poop change in the dream to something else, for example by a figure arising from it, this should be considered very closely. Because it can be more accurate indication of the difficulties in life derived.

If a bird loses its feces during the flight and the dreamer observes him, he is asked to leave behind certain incriminating contents of his life. He should deal with it, but then finally get rid of it. For only in this way will he achieve spiritual freedom.

Dream symbol “bird poop” – The spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “bird poop” can point to a spiritual task with which the dreamer has to deal. For only when he has found a solution can he move forward within his metaphysical development.

A bird can also cause discomfort and feelings like anger; For example, the pigeon is a frequently unpopular bird species, as it leaves plenty of bird poop   on car roofs and sidewalks.

Flying or even a bird are dream images that appear quite frequently and can be interpreted in many ways. Be sure to wake up to what kind of bird you encountered in your sleep, because every detail of a dream is important for a comprehensive dream analysis:

Was it a parrot, a budgerigar, a robin, a thrush, a tit, a woodpecker, an oriole, a seagull, a turkey, a goose, a big stork, a crane or a magpie, a proud eagle, a sparrow, hawk, Albatross, an exotic Beo or the dazzling kingfisher? If you dreamed of a dodo that died out at the end of the 17th century, the dream has another meaning.

Even a lark, a sparrow or a snipe have their own way of interpretation. The color of the feathers also provides information about the exact meaning of a dreamed bird, no matter what kind.

We also like to use the word “bird” in connection with an airplane. Then there is talk of a “big bird” when we have a holiday trip on a plane before us.

But we also sometimes call a crazy person “bird” in colloquial language. It may be due to the clothes or other abnormalities – who is not adapted to the social norm, is quickly titled as a nerd, a weird bird or a funny little owl, even if he does not really have anything in common with the animal poultry. Maybe you are even as a dreaming in the role of a person, as you do not meet him every day and possibly the dream image “bird” us only once more our particularity in mind…

The dream situations around the symbol “bird” can be as different as their meaning. Therefore, we now inform you about the most common dream contexts and their symbolism.

Dream about a bird on your shoulder – If you have a bird on your shoulder in your dream, you might be looking for more freedom and independence. The animal symbolizes the desire for further development. The sleeping person wants to develop his skills and use more in everyday life. A more detailed interpretation of the dream, moreover, results from the bird species, which appears in the dream situation.

Holding a bird in the hand in the dream – In real life, you rarely or never experience such a thing: a bird takes confidence and clings to its own hands. Such a dream is usually considered promising. According to the dream interpretation, the symbol stands for positive changes, success and financial gain. This is especially true when the sleeper usually has little money

Dream of saving a bird – If one dreams of saving a bird, this should open the eyes of the person concerned: he cannot develop freely at the moment. A particular situation in real life prevents him from going his own way. So he cannot let his creativity run wild and not implement ideas. The dream is therefore also as an invitation to finally change something.

Dream of a bird attacking you – The dream image “bird attacks” always has a warning function. On the one hand it can show enemy machinations, which threaten to cause great damage.

On the other hand, the symbol of animal attack sometimes stands for a personal, internal imbalance. This was perhaps triggered by a sudden change or by their own traits that the sleeping person subconsciously rejects.

Dream of a bird pooping on you – If one experiences bird poop   in a dream, one has to free oneself of a burden in real life. A certain matter worries the dreaming, so that he is held back in his development. The matter needs to be worked up urgently.

In addition, it is crucial for the dream interpretation, at which point one is hit by the bird droppings. So a situation in which one has bird poop   on the shoe, quite promising. If the bird poops on the head of the dreaming, he should in turn give more space to his creative abilities.

Dream of bird swarms – A flock of birds basically symbolizes a strong attachment to one’s home, as well as the special family bond that the sleeping person has to his beloved ones. In addition, the many birds in the dream are also a symbol of their own place within a social group. We know about his position in society.

Dream of a bird flying in the house – it is only natural that you want to help in this case and tries to drive the animal out again. In the interpretation of dreams, a bird in the room can have different meanings.

Therefore, the space, as well as the type of bird should be considered. Basically, the dream image can announce news and changes. Often, however, it also warns of overconfidence or worrying developments in one’s life.

Dream of a “birdcage” – It is not uncommon for people to keep a bird as a pet and live in a cage. As a dream image, however, the birdcage is supposed to present a problem: the sleeping person feels constrained by external constraints and society’s expectations. He feels that he only has to work, that he has to adapt. How much this bothers him expresses itself through the symbolic dream cage.

Dream of a bird escaping you – A bird flies away: What may not be very pleasing in reality is considered promising in the dream analysis. The flying bird stands for overcoming a problem. The person concerned finally solves a matter that has ultimately bothered him. Now he can look to the future without worry.

Dream of a scarecrow – A scarecrow is supposed to drive birds out. In the dream world, it has a deeper function: It shows the sleeping person which parts of his self he subconsciously rejects. The exact appearance of the dreamed scarecrow should be taken into account in the interpretation.

In addition, the dream symbol occasionally also admonishes not to rashly judge other people. Maybe someone is actually quite different than the dreaming initially thought.