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What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches?

The hands represent our progress in life and our way of placing ourselves in the world. In India the hands of the great masters are venerated: indeed their spiritual journey is honored! To worship the hands of great Gurus is to recognize the evolution they have achieved.

They are a symbol of freedom because they allow us to move, but they also represent our progress.

What the hands represent?

The hands serve, instead, to execute an order, a function; they represent our ability as well as the ability to give and to receive. The skill of the hands is called scholastically fine motor skills precisely because with the hands you can perform superfine and particular works, from sewing to crochet, from painting to playing a musical instrument, from decupage to chores made with paper, plastic cardboard, glass or other material. Even the delicious and refined foods are prepared thanks to the use of hands!

The end of each finger of the hands is also a “source point” or “spring point” points of the potential energetic rebirth, thanks to which an old dynamic can regenerate and change polarity. The small large traumas to the fingers indicate that we are performing these energy renewal processes.

The itchiness in the fingers expresses impatience towards oneself for insignificant details and we are not very tolerant even towards others if they do not do things the way we want. The numbness of the fingers can express the desire to become insensitive to those that are not important to us.

It is the finger of protection, defense and reactivity in relation to the outside world. Infants suck their thumbs when they need to feel reassured. It also represents sadness and defeat; the traumas to this finger indicate the need for protection for real or imagined fear of an external aggression or even as protection from a sad and demotivating experience.

It represents the evacuation of emotions and their expulsion to the outside. It is the finger of the accusation, of the authority, of the threat. The index orders, directs, indicates the threatened direction. The evils of this finger indicate an excessive tendency to command and authoritarianism which, in fact, needs to be expelled because it is too, in abundance, almost unacceptable.

It represents sexuality, inner structuring, inner governance of things and one’s own instinct. It is the satisfaction of the experience and of the action we have over the world; the tensions here speak to us, therefore, of dissatisfaction with the occurrence of events and towards our way of managing life.

It is the finger of cohesion, union and assimilation. In fact it is the finger where faith is the symbol of union. The ancient Romans said that faith is placed on the left ring finger because it is directly connected with the heart, the seat of feelings and emotions. Traumas and pathologies to this finger indicate our difficulty in uniting, unifying in us or around us; it is also difficult to find a coherence between all the parts that make up our being, a difficulty, consequently, to give meaning to our life.

It is the finger of what is subtle, elaborate, refined, and elegant. We think that the ladies of the nineteenth century, when they drank their tea, held the cup or cup in hand by lifting the little finger. Today it is said of women who hold up the little finger while sipping tea or coffee, which are noble, of patrician descent!

What Itching of the Hand Means?

Itching in the hands is a rather annoying symptom that can be more or less intense and can be due to different conditions, both pathological and not.

Sometimes the itch in the hands is presented as a manifestation in itself; sometimes it is associated with that on the feet, while in other circumstances it is part of a widespread itching sensation.

When it is not a transitory manifestation due to easily identifiable banal causes (for example the bite of a mosquito) it is necessary to go back to the causes to solve the problem.

The itching in the hands can affect both of them or only the right or left and may or may not be associated with other manifestations (pain, burning, redness, appearance of wheals, swelling, blisters, red dots, scabs, bruising etc.).

Itchy hands – Causes

The causes of itching in the hands may be the most disparate; below is a brief description of the main ones or those of the most significant ones, whether they are more or less frequent; as mentioned, the causes of itching in the hands can be pathological or not; in the first case the problem may be related to skin, neurological, psychiatric or systemic diseases (systemic diseases are diseases that involve a certain number of organs or tissues, if not even the whole organism).

Skin diseases – The skin diseases that can cause itching in the hands (and not only) are very numerous; among the main ones there are the various forms of dermatitis, contact eczema, lichen simplex, scabies (a disease caused by some types of mites), viral, bacterial or fungal infections affecting the skin, etc.

Exanthematic diseases – Other common causes of itching in the hands are those diseases that generally affect subjects in the pediatric age; typical examples are those of chicken pox, measles, rubella, fourth, fifth and sixth disease; they are diseases that can cause generalized itching throughout the body, including hands and feet; in general the itching sensation is associated with the presence of papules and vesicles.

Diabetes mellitus – Sufferers of diabetes mellitus often accuse itching in hands and other parts of the body; generally the pruritic sensation is not associated with cutaneous manifestations.

Liver disease – Some liver disorders cause bilirubin blood levels to rise; this can cause itching of the hands, feet and other parts of the body. Circulatory problems – Those suffering from circulatory problems often report the sensation of itching that can be localized or widespread.

Allergies – Allergies are often responsible for itching; allergic reactions, which can be triggered by many types of substances that come into contact with the skin, can affect a certain area of ​​the body (and therefore also the hands) or be extended to several parts; in these cases itching is associated with rashes that can be different depending on the type of allergy.

Medications – Some medications can trigger itching in the hands and / or other parts of the body; it is an effect that tends to disappear as soon as treatment ceases. Other possible causes of itching in the hands are polycythemia vera, chronic renal failure, cholestasis and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


The itching in the hands is not without complications; when, in fact, it is particularly intense, it is instinctive to try to get some relief by scratching the affected part; unfortunately it is a maneuver that is often harmful because it can cause excoriations and small wounds that predispose to the onset of bacterial infections; in some cases, even the eczema can become chronic.

Meaning of hands in dreams

The hands in dreams represent the competence and the ability to be able to do what you want. The ability to perform certain behaviors. The ability to manifest and implement one’s choices.

Dreaming of them also represents one’s relationships with the people around you and how you connect with the outside world.

Dream of a single hand – symbolizes that the person feels alone, with strong feelings and fears of being abandoned or left alone. In the dream, the hands can also reveal information about emotions, intentions and overt behaviors. The meaning can vary greatly: for example, to dream hands closed in a fist, could indicate repressed anger; sometimes, outstretched hands indicate being willing to develop friendships; being caressed or stroking someone with your hands can make you feel sexy.

As always, the nuances, details and a clear memory of the dream will contribute to a better interpretation of the same.

Often in dreams, something happens in the hand: the object is a symbol to be taken into primary consideration. The most important thing is to remember its weight. If it was a very light object, it is an omen that the next period will also be “light” and simple: you will not make mistakes, you will not be overloaded with work and commitments and so on. Conversely, if the object was extremely heavy, it means that in the near future there will be a lot of responsibilities and commitments; perhaps you should change something in your life in time.

However, even though the object was heavy, we were happy to support it, it means that, in the near future, we will assume responsibility and heavy commitments knowingly, for having chosen a difficult path of life.

According to some dream scholars, if you are reaching out to someone it means that perhaps you feel the need to help a person; conversely, if someone is holding out their hand to the dreamer it means that he needs help: there is no need to fear asking for assistance or depending on others, sometimes.

Dream of admiring your hand – If in a dream, people (or the dreamer herself) admire their own hands, for a woman, it indicates that she can be sure of her charm on men. Still for a dreamer, if someone starts to kiss his hands, according to Miller’s dream interpretation, it means that it is necessary to be more cautious in behavior towards men.

Dreaming of holding the fire in your hands – holding fire without burning yourself means that you will succeed in many things. Dreaming that you are holding hands with someone represents love, affection and the connection you have with that person (if you know it).

Dreaming of beautiful, well-groomed hands (one’s own or others’) – presages that one’s professional position will soon consolidate, as someone might even consider a certain dreamer’s ability to work. Conversely, a dream in which you see ugly, poorly cared for hands is a sign of imminent problems in professional life.

You could be wrongly accused of being responsible for something. There may also be power games to take the dreamer’s job. In general, ugly, oddly shaped, deformed, dirty hands are a sign of imminent problems.

Dreaming of the left hand – symbolizes emotion and sensitivity towards beauty; it also symbolizes, for a woman, her own grace and femininity, or in general, for everyone, the receptive and feminine qualities. The right hand in dreams symbolizes masculine and active attributes.

It may sound fun and exciting, but the experience of living in a haunted building was something very real and disturbing for millions of people. What are the signs that could occur when you have a ghost in your home?

Itching of the Hand – Paranormal causes

Who believes in paranormal phenomena will be much more inclined to keep a watchful eye on details that would appear insignificant to others and to consider them significant indications of the presence of a spirit, rightly or wrongly? In any case, there are six signs that the popular, literary and cinematographic tradition has linked to ghosts.

They leave a scent

Ghosts often manifest themselves with their scent. Commonly many ghosts carry the scent of flowers or the smell of smoke that often vanishes more quickly than it appears.

Sudden shiver

When a spirit wanders near us or touches us, it leaves us chills. This sudden cold gives us goose bumps or worse a shiver, but it fades when the spirit goes away.

This is generally a very common feeling: to whom has it ever happened to feel suddenly and inexplicably cold even while being in a warm and welcoming place or in any case sheltered from the wind and atmospheric factors?

Dreaming of ghosts

Many ghosts enter our dreams. Perhaps through the dream they tell their story and it can happen that more people who have slept in the same room have all had the same dream. This can be a message from the spirit that, according to many, still has a pending account with the living and for this reason it tries to get in touch with them.

Sudden noises

If you hear a knock on the door, footsteps, faucets left open or even noises coming from the heating system, then maybe you have a presence in your home. Often when the doors open, or you hear unusual sounds, a spirit is wandering in search of prey. Usually these noises cause us tension and agitation, but let us not panic.

Screams or voices

If you happen to hear voices or even screams coming from a room in the house and, once you’ve rushed in, you don’t see anything or anyone then you should inquire about the past history of that house. You may find that it was the scene of some tragic event, whose victim has not yet disappeared.

Itching sensation

The feeling of itching is very common. This feeling can also be caused by ghosts or similar paranormal causes, so anytime you hand starts to itch, someone might be watching you.