White Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

White butterfly’s tail, “brassica” This beautiful white butterfly called the cabbage butterfly (brassicae) is named gardeners because its caterpillar (butterfly larva) loves plants of the cabbage family, Brassicaceae. be careful, it is not because we see a lot of the flowers that we are invaded by its caterpillars, this butterfly is a migrant.

What would be the summer without the visit of butterflies in our gardens, a plant that attracts butterflies, in truth it is not quite the flowers that attract butterflies but their nectar, this sweet liquid released by the flowers for attract pollinators.

By pollinating a few drops of nectar, the butterfly tramples the stamens and hang the pistil to the delight of the flower that has just accomplished its ultimate mission: to reproduce. like the shape and color of the flowers, the nectar varies from one flower to another, butterflies love some nectar, like that of the shrub with butterflies or that of the small flowers gathered in ears or in clusters, but all the plants which carry flowers are likely to receive one day or another the visit of the butterfly.

Butterflies are insects that leave a trace of joy and good mood in dreams. However, there are also superstitions who consider that they bring tragic messages.

It is said that the presence of a large dark butterfly can announce an unpleasant visit or a death but this prognosis has rarely been verified.

Butterflies are unfortunately victims of people’s fears, who kill them, thinking that they are keeping the evil eye away. This lack of compassion only destroys a life that is part of a whole. On the other hand, it is not easy to get rid of butterflies that appear in dreams.

Meaning of butterfly dreams

G. Jung said that dreams are a part of our life that we should integrate into our watch, that is, into our waking life. Viewed in this way, butterfly dreams would represent the relationship we have with our soul or our mind, depending on which term we prefer to use for that part of ourselves.

The Greeks thought that the butterfly was the symbol of the soul and this belief is part of our story: it is possible that this meaning exists in your subconscious. Try to remember the feeling of your butterfly dream, observe how you manage your spiritual life and your beliefs. Thus, you will probably more easily discover the meaning of your dream.

Some meanings of butterfly dreams:

Dreaming of these insects may have different interpretations because the meaning of this dream depends on many factors, the dreamer’s culture and personal experiences, for example.

However, some of its most common meanings are:

Dreaming of butterflies in general:

Seeing, in a dream, a butterfly among flowers and green plants is a sign of prosperity and success achieved in an honest way.

Seeing several butterflies flying over you means that you will hear from a friend who has been away or will be coming back. It is also said that if a young woman dreams of butterflies, her love union will be happy and lasting.

It can also mean that you are negligent in one area of ​​your life: family, work, emotional life … and that by dreaming of it, your subconscious is trying to get your attention so that you change your attitude and avoid the negative consequences.

Depending on the dominant color of the butterflies, you can know which behavior to change:

White: Errors due to ignorance.

Yellow: Lack of knowledge or critical thinking.

Red: Conflicts due to impulsive reactions.

Dreaming of colorful butterflies:

If they are beautiful, with bright and lively colors, they represent vain people, more concerned with material than spiritual aspects. Depending on the context, it may also indicate the presence of an enemy who speaks more than he acts.

Dreaming of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon

This dream refers directly to a metamorphosis and indicates a profound transformation in your life or in your surroundings.

If you are interested in what is spiritual, it is very likely that the announced change will be of this type because, for the ancient Greeks, the butterfly represented the psyche, the soul.

Dreaming of moths, black or dark

Because of their irresistible attraction to light (to death), butterflies symbolize the deep desire to be close to the divine or to help others, to the point of sacrificing themselves for them.

From the circle in which you live, you can determine whether the meaning that concerns you is the previous one or whether the butterflies are a symbol of problems caused by illegal actions.

Other meanings of butterflies

In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes the woman and two butterflies represent a happy marriage. In psychoanalysis, the butterfly represents a new beginning and a liberation. Sometimes, the fire god of the Aztecs was represented with a pectoral called obsidian butterfly. Some Central Asian peoples believe that the presence of a moth represents the visit of a deceased person.

Muslims believe that if a peasant dreams of a butterfly, it is a sign of hard times when there will be little work. According to their beliefs, dreaming of butterflies can also mean that the dreamer’s life comes to an end: a short life, whether it’s a painter or someone working in a mill.

White butterflies can become a plague, because they feed on plants, also when they look for light they can cause panic, since they do it as a swarm, however this type of butterfly does not cause health problems to humans, they only cause annoyance and discomfort, on one occasion in California they had to completely close the Don Koll stadium, because of a white butterfly invasion, due to the amount of lights it has, which caused them to be attracted there.

White Morpho Butterflies – Symbolism and Meaning

These butterflies are neotropical, we can find them in South America, also in Central America and Mexico, they are about three inches or so in size, this morpho name is allusive to changes or modification cations, also has to do with Aphrodite and Venus. Its image is very beautiful, the color that it represents, it seems blue but it really is not, it is only a reflection when the light touches the scales that have its wings. Its coloration really is between light blue to white

The place where these butterflies reside in the forests, but they also like sunny places to warm up, they are solitary animals, they only come together in the mating season. Mayan specimens like to fight with their rivals for their territory. A curious fact happens in Brazil where they are collected in the Rio Negro, to be used as the ornaments of the masks used in ceremonies.

They are usually a show, especially for those people, who like to observe a sky full of colors, and much more because they are in warm places, so if you are in one, the best thing you can do is have a camera to the hand, so that you can have in it, that memory so beautiful, that it can be to see the butterflies flying all over the sky, could be an experience, really beautiful, for those people, who are really lovers, to the aforementioned .

In the same way this emblematic insect attracts attention by the colors of one part of its wings, since in the other part the colors are less prominent and very ocelos, the caterpillars of this species are distinguished because they have spicy hairs and emanate and are those that emanate the smell. In addition to this when it is in the chrysalis stage, it expresses ultrasound at the moment when they are disturbed.

The life time of the morpho butterfly from the moment is that they are an egg until the time of their death can generally last about one hundred thirty-seven days. Given that their life time when they become an adult butterfly is only one month. When this butterfly you place your eggs that are usually green in the shape of a drop. The caterpillar is between brown, red and green afrentas.

This type of butterfly is being raised in different programs, since its wings are used for jewelry, inlays, in joinery. They are also imported with the purpose of being used as an exhibition in the different spaces. For this use it is a species that can be considered endangered. Meet also another insect flown like the dragonfly.

In Argentina this species is known as the flag butterfly, panambi moroti or drunk, it is a very striking species, it has a great flying power, sometimes when they are in captivity their wings are damaged by their delicacy and also because they usually fight among themselves, the Flight is slow, at low or medium levels, likes to settle on fermented fruits, or on droppings.

The request was made to declare this butterfly in the year of nineteen forty-four as a national in this country, but so far nothing has been formalized, in the same way all the media associate it with its patriotic and biological symbols. Butterflies exist a lot like the black and white butterfly.

White butterflies at weddings – Symbolism

In the wedding processions there is a tradition that the bride should marry a white dress, that the groom is the one who waits at the altar, that the bride should not be seen before the ceremony, placing the rings to seal the union, also throwing rice as a symbol of prosperity, abundance and fertility, throwing the bride’s bouquet, it has also become necessary to have white butterflies and let them fly, this represents a change in the life of the bride and groom, they stopped being boyfriends to be partners.

Look how this couple does it, and I hope you take it into account, for that beautiful moment, that it can be to join you in marriage, with that person you love so much, and let the white butterflies, be part of it, and leave with the Open mouth to all your guests, since it is usually a spectacle, really beautiful.

White butterflies at weddings are called the act that runs “flying flowers”, this tradition comes from the nineties, it was first performed in the United States, and now it is performed in different parts of the world, the way is that it is done is to release them at the exit of the church, to open skies and a great future for those who marry.

Poisonous White Butterflies

Some of the butterflies for their survival and thanks to evolution have developed some natural devices to defend themselves from those who attack them and seek to devour them.

These have in their body a substance that is poisonous, sometimes these toxins are acquired by plants that can be poisonous too, this occurs when the caterpillar eats from it, it does not affect the opposite helps its survival.

In the same way there are species that can synthesize some strategies to defend themselves in their skin, such as histamines, alkaloids, among others.

In this type of poisonous butterflies, we have the quelonias, they are large and apparently strong insects, they are nocturnal, this is an example of a butterfly that acquires its poison through the caterpillar’s feeding, it keeps the substance in its organism Poisonous, then passes to the body of the adult butterfly. Sometimes the male is usually the poisonous while the female is not.

In addition to the fact that these butterflies are also poisonous, they also emit a very unpleasant smell that puts all the animals that want to devour them on alert, that shows them that they are not tasty and that they look for their food elsewhere because they can have consequences.

The tones of this butterfly are very striking, there are experts who say that it has the colors of the traffic light, this as in all species is a danger sign.

This is a delicate, beautiful and fragile species, because they generally do not have weapons to act and defend against their attackers, they are very beautiful and exotic because of the diversity of colors that seem alive.

In the same way the colors that each butterfly has serve to use them as camouflage in the middle where they are, it is another way of living. Some species use what nature has arranged in them as poisonous substances.


Butterflies, due to their size, have many species that are attacking, that is, predators. There are many predators for her, and they are from small and tiny insects as are the giant mammals. They defend themselves from their executioners in different ways, the wings serve to be always camouflaged, so as to go unnoticed.

In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes the woman and two butterflies represent a happy marriage. In psychoanalysis, the butterfly represents a new beginning and a liberation.

Sometimes, the fire god of the Aztecs was represented with a pectoral called obsidian butterfly. Some Central Asian peoples believe that the presence of a moth represents the visit of a deceased person.

Nature has been so wise that it has endowed them with different shades and shapes on their wings, some have other shades for specific situations when they should not stand out. Butterflies are insects that leave a trace of joy and good mood in dreams.

However, there are also superstitions who consider that they bring tragic messages.

When these colors are really striking, as already said, the scales on the top of their wings are poisonous.

Others defend themselves against their attackers with their unique design on the wings that simulate very large eyes, thus making the birds that want to attack her while making her flight flee.

Hopefully you were able to find the answer to the questions that have been bothering you, and also that you were able to figure out the true meaning of a white butterfly.