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White Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dogs in dreams can have different meanings, generally dreaming dogs is interpreted along the lines used to find the meaning of animals in dreams.

The dog can represent your instinct, in this case, based on the behavior that the dog has in your dream, you can understand the state of your unconscious.

The dog, however, is also tacitly accepted as the best friend of man, so dreaming of seeing a dog walking at your side docile and quiet can indicate that you have a person who protects you and loves you next to you, but also that depends from your affection and your well-being.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the dogs in dreams in general, especially white dogs.

So if you had dreams like this, then keep on reading.

White Dog Symbolism in Cultures

The symbol of the dog is deep and ancient, its image transpires in various mythological figures: from the Goddess Hecate who reigns in the underworld, to the Cerberus monster guarding the infernal river of the Styx, to the Egyptian deities who accompanied the dead in the passage to the afterlife.

The dog is a “psychopomp” animal, it represents the entity that accompanies the souls during their journey in the afterlife. The energy of the symbol then moves in a direction more linked to the spirit, to spiritual or psychological support. But the dog, is also linked to the “animal part” present in each of us, represents the instincts that can present themselves “domesticated”, partially integrated, or already accepted already in the sphere of action of the dreamer.

Dreaming of a dog or many dogs ready to attack, refers to the aggressive impulses and the fear that they can take control, or refers to real fears of the dreamer of not being able to defend himself from the fury and aggression of others.

While the dog in dreams that defends us or follows us amicably, makes us think of the need for support, help or the need to delimit a territory, that is to put boundaries to the claims of others, to assert their ideas and opinions.

For Freud, the symbol of the dog in dreams is linked to the sexual instinct, while Jung traces it back to a friendly bond, a life partner or an inner self guardian of instincts.

The inoffensive and playful appearance of the puppy dog in the dream, help the dreamer to accept instinctive or aggressive parts that frighten her. It is a small “trick” that uses our psyche to put us in touch with aspects of us that we are not yet fully ready to accept. The unconscious, with this image, renders “instinctive” an instinctive energy, of which the dreamer must not be afraid and which can later modify and manifest itself in its reality.

The meaning of the dog in dreams is often linked to the body and instincts, to the defense of one’s own well-being and territory, from which a conciliatory relationship with others is not excluded.

Dreams about White Dog – Meaning

Dreaming of the figure of the dog can also be that of a friend who is ready to help you overcome all the difficulties of life. If in the dream you see a dog that first looks scary and angry and then instead gets caressed and cuddled by you, it may want to indicate the overcoming of a fear or, you were skeptical of a person who turned out to be a friend.

Dreaming of an aggressive dog that growls at passers-by, can indicate your emotional state, in this case you are very angry, you have it with the whole world, and you vent your repressed frustration through an animal instinct re-proposed by your dream vision reality.

To dream of a giant dog instead, indicates that in your dream the dog represents a person you love, and based on the behavior of the dog in the dream, you can understand the feelings that it gives you.

Dreaming of a dog sleeping in your home indicates that you are re-thinking a moment of stability and serenity within your family, the dog represents you, and your sleep represents the tranquility with which you are living your life.

Dreaming of a dog sleeping in the street, with passers-by approaching him, going and coming without him noticing, is a way of telling you that you are not looking at reality, that you have lost yourself in an imaginary world out of which not being able to get out.

Dreaming with tenderness, so many small puppies that infest your home, can manifest in women the desire for motherhood, the desire to have at their side so many children who can fill your life as a couple with joy. If you are already pregnant with the meaning of the dream, indicate that you are looking forward to embracing your child.

Dreaming of so many tender and soft little dogs can also mean that you are people who need to surround themselves with so much love, you are only looking for so much love in your life, or you already feel loved and appreciated for the work you do at home and away from home. This dream reveals a substantially good and predisposed character to sincere and corresponded love.

Black can be the color that indicates fear: dreaming of black dogs that growl at you can simply indicate your fears from which you try to escape but without success. Or the black dogs that growl can indicate your state of mind, a state of discomfort knows which you can’t get rid of or of people you don’t trust and who give you constantly whatever you do.

Dreaming of black dogs that obediently approach, indicates instead that you have become familiar with your fears and that you now know how to face them without falling into a state of profound terror.

Dreaming of dogs that growl, regardless of color and race, can also mean that you feel surrounded by fake people who talk to you behind you and attack you both personally and at work.

Dreaming of a white dog, especially if in a context of joy and happiness, indicates the loved one, or a guardian angel who is always there to protect you.

Dreams about White Dog – Symbolism

Dream of a dog barking – Dreaming of dogs or a barking dog could signal betrayal and adversity. Read also the article – What it means to dream of hearing barking

Dream of a rabid dog – Dreaming of a rabid or hydrophobic dog could mean nervousness, impulsiveness, pain, worries or fears.

Dream of chained dogs – Dreaming of dogs or a chained dog could announce unpleasant incidents.

Dream of a dog without chain – If in the dream the dog is without chain he could hope for new encounters or he could announce visits.

Dream of a kind dog – Dreaming of a dog that proves to be kind, cheerful, well-mannered that wags its tail or manifest affection could warn of a deception or deception.

Dream of an aggressive dog – Dreaming of a quarrelsome dog could be slanderous.

Dream of a dog howling and sick – Dreaming of it howling could warn of an illness.

Dream of a dog that bites – Dreaming of a dog that bites, or that tears at clothes, or dream of it that attacks could warn of a threat or danger.

Dream of fighting dogs – Dreaming of fighting dogs could signal deception or betrayal.

Dream of cat and dog fighting – If a dog quarrels with a cat it could signal minor problems at work.

Dream of a dog following you – Dreaming of having dogs or a dog at his heels, or following you, could herald fights or persecutions.

Dream of playing with a dog – Dreaming of playing with a dog could be a promise of a better future or a reconciliation. Playing with many dogs might mean greed instead.

Dream of eating dogs – Dreaming of dogs that eat could signal life deterioration or danger.

Dream of a white dog – Dreaming of a white dog could reassure about a friend’s loyalty and loyalty. A black dog could indicate a betrayal of friends or concerns.

Dream of being chased by a black dog – Dreaming of being chased by a black dog could reveal that you fear a possible depression or other illness.

Dreaming of a colorful dog – Dreaming of a red or green or blue dog or some other color: the meaning that prevails in this dream is that of the colors – read the post dedicated to the meaning of – dream of interpreting colors.

Dream of a dog barking at a thief – Dreaming of tying a dog could warn of a theft.

Dream of killing a dog – Dreaming of killing a dog or dogs could herald many troubles. A dead dog could denote losses.


White is the color of purity, sincerity and fidelity. Perhaps these are characteristics that strongly characterize your character and that are revealed to you in a dream as a warning to continue to live your life in this way. The dog in dreams more than other animals, puts us in touch with the instinctive nature that we are able to understand and accept.

The dog is considered man’s best friend and for this reason, the fear that the dreamer has towards him and that can emerge in his dreams, will be processed, recognizable and transformable as an aspect of his natural aggressiveness that can be channeled (for example anger or suppressed energy that must find an outlet).