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White Wolf in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

The dreams with wolves represent the most primitive impulses of the human being, and also his aggressiveness; that is, those moments in which that person shows his most violent side, as well as the attitude he is having in front of his worries lately.

In today’s text, we will find out what different dreams about wolves mean.

White wolf in Dream – Meaning

You may not know it, but in the dream world, dreaming of a dog is very different from doing it with a wolf. Dreaming about wolves indicates that you are being very severe with those around you, or that you don’t appreciate all the sacrifices they make for you.

Therefore, in a way you are being cruel. And this cruelty intensifies when a black or gray wolf appears in the dream.

Black is a color that symbolizes the intensity of your problems, which means that you will soon have to face significant threats against you. And this meaning is more intense when the wolf bites you or attacks you, especially if at first it looked like an affectionate animal and suddenly it bites you.

Have you dreamed of sea lions? Denote that you have a great capacity to adapt to the unexpected turns that occur in your life. Do not cower for anything, you face any situation and this will have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

In this way, the wolf totem chooses to be the spiritual guide of those who deeply understand life and their way of being. In this way, the wolf represents faith and deep understanding.

Moreover, whoever has the wolf totem will probably feel identified with the fact that the wolf avoids violence at all costs, preferring to growl or adopt some haughty posture to show his dominance.

Similarly, the wolf is a very misunderstood animal that they have labeled as evil and cold-blooded, when in reality they are highly friendly and social.

The wolves symbolize endurance and physical endurance, since these animals can run up to 35 km a day to hunt some prey.

In addition, when we see in dreams or visions through meditation the howling wolf means that we need more freedom.

On the other hand, the wolf, despite what is mistakenly believed, has a great sense of family and unity, but without losing its own individuality, something that the wolf as a totem tries to remember with his appearance. In this way, the wolf helps to find the balance between responsibilities (for example, family members) and our own personal identity.

On the other hand, the wolf is a great communicator, since it is expressed with touch, eye contact, body movements and its various vocal expressions.

Thus, who has the wolf as a spiritual animal, is usually an excellent talker, narrator and writer.

When we talk about totemic medicine, we refer to the teachings that that particular spiritual animal brings us, until we learn them, we incorporate them into our day-to-day lives and, probably, our animal totem can disappear temporarily or be less present in our lives.

White wolf in Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of howling wolves – represents that inside you there are many insecurities that affect you emotionally, fear for the future, but that does not mean that nothing bad will happen, so you can calm down.

If you have dreamed that a mother wolf protects you or defends you – against another animal, it means that that person you hate could end up being one of your best friends.

If you dream of wolves, puppies – have a totally different meaning. If you are taking care of the baby, symbolize your willingness to be a father or mother.

In addition, it can represent your protective instinct of those friends or family you care about.

Dreaming of a white wolf is positive – because it reflects integrity and honor. You keep what you promise and you are a completely reasonable person with what you demand from others and yourself.

Dreaming of gray wolves – indicates that you are hiding things that you fear in the light, either because your attitude is not correct or because there is something inside you that shames you and you fear being ridiculously publicly.

Dream of white wolf – this one is more related to the spiritual, with the “above”. It would come, then, to bring us more focused teachings with the spiritual.

It could either lead us along the right path of the spiritual, or open the doors to that beautiful world, because right now we are prepared, because it is our moment.

Dream of black wolf – on the other hand, it would be more linked with the earth, with the “down”.

Therefore, it would symbolize that we have to take more root in the here and now, perhaps because we have been looking too long for other matters and we are beginning to lose our essence.

Dream of gray or brown wolf – this, on the other hand, would be between the two worlds: heaven and earth. That is, it would greatly symbolize that we have to find balance in our lives.

Dream of Wolf howling – this is one of the most typical images we have of the wolf. Irremediably, we relate the wolf to the night, the full moon and maybe atop a hill.

Many times, we even link it with nostalgia and melancholy due to its howling.

Dream of Lone wolf – falsely, the wolf has been related to loneliness, coldness, and even, sometimes, evil.

But, as we are seeing, its spiritual meaning is completely different, when it comes to an animal with a strong sense of family and sociability.

Dreaming of a howling wolf – shows the emergence of instinct, satisfaction for a victory achieved, a conquest made relying on one’s strength.

Bring attention to your inner wolf who wants to come out into the open, who is screaming to be heard by the dreamer.

Dream about a wolf pack – it can be considered a warning sign for a danger in the dreamer’s environment: people close by who can damage it or who are undermining its safety and credibility.

Dreaming of a black wolf – accentuates the negative meaning amplified by the symbolism of the black color.

This dream can be connected to feelings of hatred, revenge, oppression or to indicate a situation or a frightening and terrifying person or to refer to childhood memories and fears, to irrational thoughts.

Dreaming of a werewolf – brings attention to more hidden instincts and needs related to the reptilian brain. It is an unusual dream that can indicate a change in the dreamer, the fear of succumbing to what he feels and also the influence of reveries on this character since antiquity, protagonist of myths, stories and films.

Dream about a white wolf – has more positive connotations related to the symbolism of white and natural aspects. It is difficult to resist the charm of this image that refers to uncontaminated landscapes and to a beautiful and unique animal, symbol of royalty, leadership, authority, quality that perhaps the dreamer must discover in himself.

Dreaming of being chased by a wolf – it is a metaphorical pursuit of a disowned self that, from the depths of the unconscious, seeks to capture the attention of the dreamer.

The pursuit of the wolf in dreams can be caused by the need for awareness and acceptance of the natural instinct which, once recognized (emerged to the conscience), transforms itself losing its dangerous and destructive charge.

Dreaming of being attacked by a wolf – it can be connected to a real aggression (verbal or physical), or to the fear of this, by those who are considered stronger and unscrupulous. A dream that is a warning and must warn the dreamer.

Dreaming of a wolf’s bite – reflect a wound suffered or inflicted on others. Something has struck and grieved deeply and one does not feel able to defend oneself.

Dreaming of a dead wolf – it can indicate a narcissistic injury: one’s power and strength has been called into question or has not led to victory or the hoped-for results. Wolf died in dreams can also represent a change within himself: violence and aggression that are muffled and controlled, lack of scruples filtered by the integration of new values.

Dream of killing a wolf – reflects the need to eliminate a charge of aggression that is becoming destructive or is undermining the dreamer’s peace.

It can also represent a victory of the ration over instinct, being able to tame the most urgent impulses.

Dreaming of a wolf with cubs – brings attention to inner protective and maternal aspects and the need for support, encouragement, understanding, acceptance, compassion. It can be the symbol of a real woman who is recognized for authority and strength, a symbol of her ideas and projects.


Over the years, the wolf has been reflected in multiple types of mythologies, each of them contributing their own vision and meaning of the wolf as a spiritual animal: The wolf in Celtic mythology: for the Celts, the wolf was a cunning animal and hunter.

It was believed that the wolf could teach to read all the signs of nature, to detect invisible dangers, to make fun of those desired, and to fight only when necessary.

In addition, the wolf was considered a source of lunar energy.

The wolf in Norse mythology: for the Norse, the wolf was a symbol of victory. That is why Odin and the Valkyries were raised on the back of a wolf, preparing for war.

The wolf in Asian mythology: on that continent, the wolf was the guardian of the door to the celestial kingdoms. It is also said that the great conqueror Genghis Khan had a wolf as ancestor.