Yellow Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Not only are candles decorative, they also have amazing powers. There are several magical and religious rituals with candles. Burning the candles helps us to concentrate, has a calming effect and can even dispel problems.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the magical and spiritual power of candles on our soul and body, and also about different ways we can use candles to make ourselves feel better.

Yellow Candle – Meaning

There is a connection between the stars, the spirits and the real world. A candle burns in the same way on earth and in the universe. It is not just an accessory, but a guide, a way into other universe.

The flame represents the purity of the soul. It guides the spirits, the energies, and is a guide for wandering souls.

At the wake, a candle is set up to guide the soul of the deceased to the top. In a church, you burn candles and pray to God for help. The Sabbath of the Jews is initiated with the lighting of a candle. In all religious environments, the candle, standing for the element of fire, has been used for centuries in magical rituals.

Actually, it is nothing more than a kind of “magical” way to turn to a higher power in order to request a certain favor.

However, caution is advised, because it is not easy to light a candle and set some frankincense and it works! Rather, one must observe the basic principles and prove a minimum of effort to penetrate from the simple world to the higher spheres.

The candles that should be used, if possible, new and made of wax. Before you use them you have to undergo a special treatment: For this you fill a small bowl with pure olive oil and rub the candle with the right thumb from top to bottom with oil. (For banishment rituals should be reversed, from the foot of the candle to the wick)

For each candle, use a different kind of lighter or light all subsequent candles with the help of the first ones. At the end of the ritual, you should clear the candles in reverse order, starting with the last candle.

Make sure that you do not blow them out, because then the energies could be lost. Eliminate the light with two fingers or use a candle extinguisher. Never use a candle twice and dispose of it, or, if the ritual lasts longer, let it burn out completely.

Candles have a very long tradition and are valued in virtually all cultures, not only for their light, but also for the homely security of their flame. They provide a particularly gentle light, which creates a cozy, but also festive mood.

Probably everyone will be touched by the sight of a Christmas tree, which was decorated in the traditional way with real candles and now shines in the full blaze of lights.

These characteristics of a candle flame led very early on that candles beyond their purely practical use were deliberately and deliberately used in ceremonies and rituals – be they religious or private. All religions know the use of candles for certain rituals.

Yellow Candle – Symbolism

The religious space is adorned with them, and at a defined point of the ceremony, the candles are solemnly lit. Candles were already in use in antiquity, some of which were also regarded as valuable offerings for the gods and should attract their attention and benevolence.

Depending on the cultural and religious context of the candle is attributed a certain meaning. In the Christian and Jewish environment, the candle flame stands on the one hand for the presence of the eternal light of God, and on the other hand is associated with the candle flame and the eternal life and the immortal soul of man.

Generally, the candle flame also stands for enlightenment in a spiritual sense, so candles are also lit in other religions, such as Buddhism. The candle flame symbolizes the different chakras of man, which are opened by meditation and a just life in succession and should shine as well as the flame of the candle.

In everyday life, the candle stands for homely security – on a winter Sunday to light the candles on Advent wreath, has a special magic that makes you forget the world. But even with a cozy meal with friends, the symbolism of the candle has an effect and conveys to the guests that they are something special.

In the esoteric and magical environment of the candle flame different meanings and powers are attributed. It is therefore used in many rituals, with each specific candle to activate very special magical powers or deities.

Even in mourning, the candle is a comforting and indispensable element. It symbolizes that the light of the soul of the dead man still shines, and that he is unforgotten. Thus, by lighting the candle, a magical and special connection is created between the living and the dead, which is very comforting for the grieving people.

Therefore, special candles are lit on certain days – on All Saints ‘Day and All Souls’ Day, the red grave lights are lit on the tombs to show that one is thinking intensely about the deceased on that day. Even at the funeral, the candles fill the church or the funeral hall with their warm glow and donate their gentle consolation.

Through the Internet and the modern media, it has now become possible to light a virtual candle. This is especially comforting for people who do not live close to the actual burial place or can not visit them for different reasons. The Internet gives them the opportunity to carry out the ritual of igniting a mourning candle.

There are several pages on which a virtual mourning candle can be lit. These sites usually offer the opportunity for free. One can choose among different candle models, and specify for whom one wants to light the candle.

In addition, it is usually also possible to write a short personal text to the candle, in which one can appreciate the deceased with his own loving words once again. A commentary feature, which is also often present, then allows the visitors of the virtual candle to express their sympathy to the relatives or express their own grief.

Thus, the lighting of the virtual candle creates the opportunity to mourn over long distances and borders and to comfort oneself. More and more people are making use of this possibility because a beloved deceased person never falls into oblivion.

Color Yellow – Symbolism

The ancient Greeks imagined that the Greek sun god Helios in a yellow robe on a four fire lorries pulled car drives across the sky. The bright, yellow light of the sun and its gods embodied the divine intelligence.

In China, the color yellow is associated with male Yang, the active creative principle.

The ancient Egyptians, but also the painter Franz Marc, saw in the yellow but the feminine, the “gentle, serene, sensual”. Since the Middle Ages, yellow has also been considered the color of envy and the stain of discriminated groups.

In Europe, yellow usually symbolizes light and life, but is then associated with gold together. For the Celts, however, yellow was also the color of mourning.

But in our culture, yellow also symbolizes envy, stinginess, jealousy, mendacity and selfishness. Not so in China, where yellow is the color of harmony and wisdom.

When the dead return to All Saints’ Day in Mexico, the paths are decorated with yellow flowers because it is believed that the dead can best see the color yellow.

In Hinduism, women wear, among other things, the beginning of the Hindu solar year (Vaisakhi) and generally at spring festivals, yellow saris and also at the banquets the color yellow dominates.

The color yellow, symbolized in Hinduism for life, light, truth and immortality, is the main color of men’s and women’s attire during Vasant Panchami, the festival in honor of the goddess Saraswati.

Also the statues of this goddess of learning and wisdom are wrapped in yellow clothes and she is sacrificed yellow flowers.


Candles have magical properties since the Stone Age. Men and women use stone lamps and lanterns made of animal fat to illuminate not the place where you live, but the inside of the caves where the mother of the mother was celebrating.

In the 3rd century the Egyptians used candles to seek answers to their dreams through dreams. This tradition was called the “dream of truth” about her who sets up the retreat goes to the cave whose entrance is facing south and sews the darkness watching the flame of the candle not to understand one of the gods. In the dream that you would follow, that god ƖƖí goddess would respond to the set ups.

The use of candles to Christianity throughout the Middle Ages has been suppressed by earlier beliefs. The peasants would light candles on the candles that you previously blessed for the victims, because it was believed that the cattle were protected from danger and witches.

Although your candles are neutral, they are still used to cause crashes. The wicked witches would call black candles to one of their enemies, let the wax drop, and then they made a figure out of it that they kicked the cues and let the candles burn.